The TV execs have been busy bees lately, and it’s only gonna get busier once networks start picking up fall series – here’s a rundown of the most interesting stories from the last few days:

The Bad News First

Mad Men‘s fifth season has been delayed. There is no beginning in sight for production which should have started next week. Word from the Hamm-ster himself is that the writers room remains empty. This does not bode well.

Well bad is subjective – I’m a moderate fan of Perfect Couples so I’m a little disappointed to learn NBC has decided to shelve it after airing it’s eleventh episode. It’s being replaced by, THE PAUL REISER SHOW. Remember last year about now NBC picked up an unnamed series starring Paul Reiser? Well starting on April 14th you’ll get to see it. It has a similar concept to Showtime’s episodes in that it’s about a fictionalized version of Reiser, who after being off TV for a few years, yearns to make a comeback and enlists his group of friends (played by Eastbound and Down’s Andrew Daly, Angels in America’s Ben Shenkman, Whoopi’s Omid Djalili and All of Us’ Duane Martin) to help him stage a comeback.

and now for a little sunshine


Southland has been renewed for season 4. Southland had a killer (literally) third season, this is great news.

Retired at 35 has been given a second season. It’s not really a surprise, it kills of it’s hot in Cleveland lead in.


Both networks that renewed series above have added a few new one to their schedules. TNT picked up Perception a drama about an eccentric neuroscientist, played by Eric McCormick (Will and Grace), who helps the feds solve crimes. Rachel Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and Kelly Rowan (The OC) are on board too.

TVLand picked up Happily Divorced, a comedy written by and starring Fran Drescher It’s the semi autobiographical account  of her 21 year marriage to a gay man (John Michael Higgins) who’s still her friend. They also picked up The Exes. It’s about  three divorced men, played by Wayne Knight (Seinfeld’s Newman), Donald Faison (Scrubs’ Dr. Turk) and David Alan Basche (The Starter Wife), who live in a bachelor pad in a building owned by their hot divorce attorney (Kristen Johnston). This marks a reunion for Johnston and Knight who for 77 episodes played boyfriend and weird alien girlfriend on Third Rock.


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