The EVENT Recap!

“I just came out this way”

I actually really enjoyed this weeks Vicky Roberts heavy episode. The show’s best character got to shine brightly and it looks like her storyline’s gonna be in the spot light more. But just because the episode was better than usual doesn’t mean the EVENT didn’t dispense with it’s typical shenanigans, which brings us to…

The WHAT List?!?!

10. Starting with a BANG. The episode started off with some nerdy scientists intercepting the response from NGC 253. And while one mild mannered scientist began to decipher, the other shot him in the head. SLEEPER AGENT!!!

9. Plot Stalling Shenanies! The sleeper agent called Thomas promptly to discuss the message. Of course we didn’t hear the message – god forbid The EVENT give us immediate satisfaction EVER.

8. Shopping in the Park. Then we cut to Dempsey (Hal Holbrook) and that creepy injection lady sitting in the park checking out a bunch of little girls. Not to have nasty pedophile sex with, cause this is the EVENT and that’s too realistic, no, they want to kidnap them to steal their youth for a serum.

7. VICKY! When Vicky and Sean were sitting in the car, on the way to confron VP Jarvis, we were reminded of why Vicky is the most integral character; she’s a hilarious/dangerous enigma. She began by playing with Sean, spinning a tale of abuse that made her the way she is. Sean seemed compassionate, and Vicky vulnerable – I thought for a second that Vicky was falling prey to cliches, but no. She was fucking with him and preserving her bad-assness in the process, “I just came out this way” she said.

6. Vicky Explains it All! Sean asked Vicky how much she knew about “the conspiracy” and it turns out Vicky knows everything. So to sum up:

  • Dempsey tried to have Martinez killed to prevent the release of the Inostranka Aliens.

No one should have to give up their alien youth serum.

5. “I need to change. Me.” Martinez followed Sophia and Michael to the group meeting where Thomas would reveal the response from home. Martinez spent the episode in the war room calling shots, but at least he recognized that he’s the part of the machine that’s not working. Kudos on Martinez for finally being so self aware.

4. Sean hit a girl. Sean and (jesus I just started to type Leila, but was so happy to erase and write:) Vicky stole the identity of a couple going to the party where Jarvis would be. Vicky was about to kill the innocent couple before Sean stopped her. Damn Vicky is awesome. Anyway Sean pistol whipped the woman so hard in the face I audibly laughed. It’s not that I think hitting women is funny, it’s just I think the martyr-ish hero hitting innocent women (even if it’s to protect their mission) is funny.

3. VICKY II! Vicki sneaks a PLASTIC GUN into the party, that she assembles in the bathroom and hides somewhere I want to go. Is it wrong I want to marry this girl? She used the gun to threaten Jarvis. The only information they got was that Dempsey in somewhere in France’s mountains. (Also major Jason Ritter kudos in that scene, he acted his butt off!)

2. Andrea Zuckerman, Worst Babysitter Ever. Andrea Zuckerman (guest star Gabrielle Carteris, fine it’s not really Andrea Zuckerman, but it doesn’t really matter) was tasked to babysit Leila and Samantha while her husband Jesse (guest star Jose Zuniga, who was also on The Chicago Code in the same timeslot on FOX) went to hear the response in LA. As Jesse arrived we saw Leila sneak past and into the church, which begs the question; Where does Andrea think Leila is? Worst babysitter (and biggest waste of Zuckerman) ever.

1. THE EVENT is upon us. Thomas announces that the message he received was that their sun is going supernova and their planet is dunzo. I’ve long maintained that the titular EVENT is a mass alien migration. Which may or may not make sense – it really depends on how much foresight that writers placed in the full plot arc. Sophia spoke of the EVENT in the pilot insinuating that it is either her doing or to her knowledge but beyond her control, but migration is Thomas’ plan since he split from Sophia, so logically it couldn’t be that. I guess the thing about the EVENT is that it doesn’t matter. Even a little bit.

I will miss the EVENT in the EVENT that it doesn’t come back next season. It’s definitely trying harder since it’s retooling and 2011 premiere. I don’t understand the purpose of Lisa Vidal yet, there’s a fair amount of episodes left and it would be nice to see the First Lady (who’s a regular) to have a plot line of her own.


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