American Idol Top 11 Ranking!

I’ve called it two weeks in row, but frankly it was a pretty easy call and it was nice to see America make the right call two weeks in a row. Karen Rodriguez was a condescending, pandering idiot. This week established who’s got it and who is fighting to number 4 or 5; who’s the next Jordin Sparks and who’s the next Joshua Gracin. There were a lot of spot shifts this week, most notably Haley’s rise to number 5 which is sad as she’s probably gone this week. Here are the TVocrats rankings going into the Top 11!

1. Casey Abrams (Last Week #1) While his take on Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit wasn’t the best vocally, it certainly was ambitious and entertaining.

2. TIE! Lauren Alaina (Last Week #3) & Pia Toscana (Last Week #2) These two divas are fighting for the number two spot. Alaina killed it last week with Etheridge, the perfect song choice for her. And Toscana was great too, but her song just wasn’t as good. I’ll be watching these two closely this week to see who edges whom out.

4. Le Durbs (Last Week #4) He’s having more fun than anyone else and it shows in his performances. I’m not a Bon Jovi lover, but I enjoyed his take on New Jersey’s biggest star.

5. Haley Reinhart (Last Week #7) I’m warming up to her just as America is gonna give her the boot this week. I finally get her.

6. Naima Adedapo (Last Week #5) Her take on Tina’s What’s Love Got To Do With It was bad but I’ll take Adedapo’s distinct flavour over anyone elses.

7. Scotty McCreery (Last Week #6) This teen’s entering dangerous Anthony Federov/John Stevens territory for me. He needs to find some bravado.

8. Paul McDonald (Last Week #9) Elton John fits better than Ryan Adams, Now go get your James Blunt on and rise up this list, dammit!

9. Stefano Lagone (Last Week #8) I don’t understand him. At all. Not even a little bit. But the two below him were epic failures and as long as people are failing he won’t be on the bottom.

10. Jacob “Hot Mess” Lusk (Last Week #11) Why isn’t hot mess extrordinaire Jacob Lusk last? Because I remember his Vandross cover. And it’s better than anything Tickles McGiver’s ever done. He barely isn’t last, and really he should be for murdering Heart’s Alone.

11. Tickles McGiver (Last Week #10) Thia Megia is nothingness, that is to say she’s void of artistry, has no sense for arrangements, and is just vocally offensive. I have no idea why the judges chose her over that rocker chick who’d auditioned 40 times. Ugh.

Tonight is Motown night. For the millionth time. I love Motown night – at this point each artist should know their weakness and for most it’s song choice. For them, this round is integral. Idol has a gigantic motown song book and while people criticize the overuse of the theme, I love it. The beauty of motown songs is that they’re timeless, and easy to make one’s own. Can’t wait to see what El Durbs and the other top kids bring tonight.


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