What’s On: WHO IS ‘A’ MONDAY?!?!?

Who is ‘A’? WHO? If you’ve read the books (or synopses of them online) then you know who A is (provided the series doensn’t change it). Don’t spoil it for the rest of us! Since last summer we’ve followed the pretty liars on their hunt for both their friend Alison’s murderer, and who is ‘A’ and why is he/she stalking them? Tonight has more to offer if PLL isn’t your thing (or if you’re Ken Tucker, PLL hater extraoridnaire! – he put it on his worst list – a list that in the past has included The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer – a place PLL does not belong) there’s lots of freshly pressed tv tonight, including an especially soapy Castle and a John Lithgow infused How I Met Your Mother, all of which are our recommendations for tonight, Monday March 21 2011.

The Best:

Season Finale Alert!

Pretty Little Liars “For Whom The Bell Tolls” 8:00 on ABC Family

Even if no mysteries get solved and a thousand more questions are heaped on, I’d still tune in to see the girls have their first confrontation with crazypants Jenna (Tammin Surrok). Cannot Wait!

How I Met Your Mother “Legendaddy” 8:00 on CBS

All season we’ve been heading towards two inevitabilities – 1. The Season will end with a wedding (likely Barney’s), where Ted presumably meets the mother and 2. Barney will meet his father. Well it’s daddy time and boy did they cast right. John Lithgow (3rd Rock From the Sun) plays Barney’s pop when he meets him for the first time tonight. Also guest starring is Nancy Travis (Becker) as his wife.

Castle “One Life To Lose” 10:00 on ABC

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a NY Soap’s head writer. On tap for the episode are Corbin Bernsen (Psych(!), Young and the Restless), Rebecca Budig (All My Children), Cameron Mathison (All My Children) and Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman).

The Rest:

Season Premiere Alert!!!

Dancing with the Stars 8:00 on ABC – The worst group of losers yet fights for the mirrorball.

Chuck 8:00 on NBC – I have a feeling Chuck is gonna die soon. The TV series not the character.

House 8:00 on FOX – House is back torturing the love of his life and popping pills. Oh, and it was confirmed today that Tamblyn is leaving – but she’ll overlap with Wilde’s return for two episodes.

Mad Love 8:30 on CBS – Why Judy Greer? Why?

The Chicago Code 9:00 on FOX – Get much, MUCH better already.

The EVENT 9:00 on NBC – Gabrielle Carteris is back! Long Live Andrea Zuckerman!

Mike & Molly 9:30 on CBS – “Peggy Shaves Her Legs”. Shudder.

Harry’s Law 10:00 on NBC – Richard Kind (Spin City) and Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye) guest star.

Hawaii 5-0 10:00 on CBS – Tonight brings LARISSA OLEYNIK AKA Alex Mack AKA Bianca Stratford AKA my teenage dream crush begins her potentially regular character. And Mark Dacasos AKA The Chairman from Iron Chef (that’s right – he’s an actor, not a Chairman) guest stars as Wo Fat – Steve McGarrett’s Arch Nemesis, another character from the original. I think I’ll tune in..  PS – Mrs. Ari guest stars too!

Season Finale Alert!!!

Skins 10:00 on MTV – Tonight focuses on ‘Eura’ which is apparently North American for ‘Effie’


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