Jonathan Cake!

Cake, a Brit, is mostly known for his work over there, but has appeared on Law & Order, American Embassy and Chuck. He’ll appear in the last 4 episodes as a guest and starting next season (if there is one, Desperate Housewives has yet to be renewed – but it probably will see it’s 8th) he be a full fledged regular.

He is the 4th man, after Steven Culp, Roger Bart (also starring counts!) and Kyle McLachlan.

Word from the network is he’s going to be playing a police detective who comes to the lane to investigate a crime late in the season and becomes quite taken with Bree. No idea if he’ll tie into season 8’s mystery – but it’s been done before, in season 3 with Maclachlan’s Orson. Infact, just to keep track,

Mysteries by season:

  1. Mary Alice’s Suicide.
  2. The Applewhites – New Neighbours.
  3. Orson’s involvement with Monique Porier’s Murder. – New Man.
  4. Katherine Mayfair’s Secret – New Neighbours.
  5. Crazy Dave Williams Vengeance Scheme – New Man.
  6. The Bolen’s Secret/Fairview Strangler – New Neighbours.
  7. Paul Young’s Vengeance Scheme – Returning Crazy Neighbour.

What will Jonathan Cake and season 8 bring us? Who knows.. but odds are it won’t be as good as a returning Paul Young.


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