Benjamin Bratt to check into Oceanside Wellness! PERMANENTLY!!!

Private Practice has hired Benjamin Bratt as a full regular. Bratt will guest star in the season finale and starting with the fifth season be a full time regular.

Nothing is known about his character, who’s entrance may coincide with castmember Audra McDonald’s (Naomi Bennett) exit. This continues a long line of Shonda hiring established TV actors to liven up a series like Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver on Grey’s Anatomy and Brian Benben on Practice.

Bratt solved crimes old-school style (that means with Jerry Orbach) on Law and Order for 4 seasons as Rey Curtis, and most recently starred on A&E’s The Cleaner and guested as Manny’s father/Gloria’s ex on Modern Family.

I’m not a Private Practice fan, but every so often I like to check in and see how Addison is doing. I think Bratt will make the perfect addition to the PP crew. He’s got the looks and charm that fits perfectly in Shonda’s world of gorgeous brilliant doctors. (I just had spinal surgery from a world class neurosurgeon, and McDreamy he was not. More like Baldy McLadyfingers. But he kicked ass fixing my spine.)


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