It’s a night of endings as HBO fave Big Love and ABC’s Detroit 187 come to a close. But its simultaneously a night of new beginnings as Robert Knepper brings his T-Bag character from Prison Break to it’s creator’s new series Breakout Kings – which make up our recommendations for tonight, Sunday March 20, 2011.


Big Love “Where Men And Mountains Meet” 9:00 on HBO

The saga of the Henriksons comes to an end tonight. I’ve enjoyed Big Love for the most part, and thought that while this season was a vast improvement than the last it still pales in comparison to the first three which really captured the love and the family and the intrigue of religious compounds and false prophets. I’m looking forward to seeing Sarah (former regular and current movies star Amanda Seyfried) and her husband Jesse Scott (Emmy Winning guest star Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad). Last week’s penultimate episode was mad intense as Alby’s (Matt Ross) vendetta against his brother-in-law came to a head in a stunning confrontation. And even though this season has been less than stellar it’s given Jeanne Tripplehorn the best material not only of her tenure on the show, but likely of her career. Watching Barb struggle with a paper divorce and the secret resealing and her need for a spiritual enlightenment she can respect – one that respects her – has been a joy. I haven’t been so crazy about watching Bill sacrifice his family’s happiness for his cause, Cara Lynn’s hot for teacher plot, and the complete lack of Joey and Wanda. I hope Bill doesn’t got to jail. I have a lot of anxiety about tonight – mostly due to the general downer-ness of the season. But Big Love has proven in the past the just when things seem the darkest for the Henriksons, an episode like Season 3’s “Come Ye Saints” (arguably Big Love’s finest hour) can come along and shine a light. I’m hoping for a little of that light tonight.


Breakout Kings “The Bag Man” 10:00 on A&E

Robert Knepper, who broke out (hehe) on the cast of Prison Break as T-Bag and then camped it up on the cast of Heroes as a Terrakinetic carnie, is on BK tonight in the role that made him famous. For those who don’t know, on Prison Break, T-Bag was a rapist/murderer who escaped from Prison twice. And it looks like he’s going for the hat trick, and he’s on board for 3 more episodes, and so am I! Knepper looks like he’s having a lot of fun and the promos look good!


Detroit 187 “Blackout” 10:01 on ABC

Detroit 187, a show few people loved – but those who did loved it vehemently, dies quietly tonight (It’s not dead for sure, just the lowest rated hourlong on ABC – YES, even lower than V, so it’s pretty dead). Tonight, Fitch goes up against his nemesis (guest star Tommy Flanagan, Sons of Anarchy’s Chibs).


The Amazing Race 8:00 on CBS – The teams are in China where Ron and Christina have a HUGE advantage.

America’s Next Great Restaurant 8:00 on NBC – I want some Saucy Balls!

Secret Millionaire 8:00 on ABC – The secret is – it’s boring.

Bob’s Burger’s 8:30 on FOX – The burger joint becomes the home to an art crawl. Amazing.

Army Wives 9:00 on LifetimeClaudia Joy has sex with Billy Crystal’s ghost. I swear.

Californication 9:00 on SHO – We were left hanging last week with the hilarious and tragic “The Trial” so I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. Also I’m looking forward to Carla Gugino.

Shark Tank 9:00 on ABC – I prefer Dragon’s Den. But, I’m a snob!

Undercover Boss 9:00 on CBS – Shh. He’s undercover.

The Celebrity Apprentice 9:00 on NBC – Gary Busey takes leadership and destroys the universe in the process.

The Cleveland Show 9:30 on FOX – Michael Stipe and Will. I. Am. guest star.

CSI: Miami 10:00 on CBS – Blah blah blah. David Caruso.

Shameless 10:00 on SHO – I love this series, the last few weeks have been amazing – I almost cried when Sheila went outside for the first time.


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