The Office!! Community!! Parks and Recreation!!

In an expected but still lovely move NBC has renewed The Office, Parks & Rec and Community for next season.

30 Rock, if you’re wondering, was renewed back in november when NBC announced it was moving to 10:00.

There’s still no word on Perfect Couples and Outsourced.

NBC says:

“I am so pleased to renew these three outstanding comedies which are all at the top of their game creatively. Along with ’30 Rock,’ they represent the best of what the NBC comedy brand stands for in terms of originality, wit, and sophistication. ‘The Office’ continues to fire on all cylinders on the most competitive night of television; ‘Parks & Recreation’ has come into its own this season as the rightful companion to ‘The Office’; and ‘Community’ is one of the freshest comedies on any network and a solid foundation for Thursday night.”

This will be Community’s 3rd, Parks & Recreation’s 4th and a Steve Carrell free The Office’s 8th.

Syfy will continue Being Human!

Syfy announced earlier today that it’s renewed it’s Being Human remake for a second season. The series follows a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost that live together.

Syfy says:

Being Human has proven to be a winner for Syfy on all fronts, using the original format as inspiration, showrunners/writers Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke – along with a superlative team of writers, cast, and production – have created an amazing, compelling series in its own right.  We can’t wait to watch Aidan, Josh and Sally continue their struggle to be human in the second season!”


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