Showrunner Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair Exits 90210

Remember for the majority of season one how 90210 was lame, kinda boring and had duds like Ethan? It had the right materials to be better it just needed a brilliant showrunner to guide it to campy greatness. The CW replaced Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs with one woman with 4 names. Rebecca. Rand. Kirshner. Sinclair. And almost instantly 90210 got better.

Kirshner knew she had a comic GENIUS in Annalynn McCord, and Naomi became the center of the series. Liam was introduced into the fold, and boring Ethan was sent away. Annie exploded. Jen was introduced to reign terror on her sister Naomi. Annie killed someone. Teddy and Ivy were introduced. Annie and Naomi spent 13 well written and glorious episodes at eachothers throats. Jasper was introduced bringing creepy to a whole new level. Harry and Deb ate weed brownies, got divorced. Navid’s dad’s a child pornographer. Ryan Matthews nailed every woman that wasn’t in high school (Kelly, Brenda, Laurel, Jen, Deb). Silver became the moral anchor of the show and then slept with Navid. Dixon had a psycho ex who gave him both a pregnancy and an aids scare. Naomi was raped by Mr. Cannon, who hunted her and Silver and brought creepy to an even higher level. Crazy cousin Emily came, exacted a reign of psychotic Single-White-Female terror. Annie cheated on one brother with another. Naomi fell for a Nerd and went full Na’vi. Adrianna stole songs from her dead boyfriend, got a reality show and is about to send Silver back into a bi-polar spiral (which was the ONLY good thing about the show prior to RRKS’s arrival).  

She’s making her exit at the end of the season. The CW offered her a very generous contract which she declined. She brought her infant child to work every day for the last year after taking almost no maternity leave to begin production on season 3. She wants to spend more time with her kid and maybe work on some original stuff. I’m happy for her I am. But it’s hard to lose her.

Prior to 90210, she took over for an exiting Amy Sherman Palladino and was responsible for the final season of Gilmore Girls. She wrote a bunch of Buffy the Vampire Episodes including the brilliant season 6 episode, Tabula Rasa. There’s been no word of her replacement.

She turned a turd into gold. Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair is the closest thing the TV world has to a true alchemist. She will be missed.


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