What’s On: Harvest Festival Thursday!

Today marks the Harvest Festival in Pawnee, Indiana and the end of the first 7 episode arc of Parks and Rec’s season 3. Also, hopefully Karen Rodriguez goes home! Check out Parks tonight as it’s supposed to be quite a laffer, it among a few others are our recommendations for tonight, Thursday March 17 2011.

Fresh and Pipin’ HOT:

Community “Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy” 8:00 on NBC

I’ve missed my favorite study group the last few weeks and I’m super stoked to see it return with Dollhouse’s Enver Gjokaj in tow. He plays a mysterious eastern European classmate that Britta falls for. Gjokaj is mightily talented, he was the strongest Doll in Dollhouse’s ensemble, his Fran Kranz impression kicks ass. Back too is Malcolm Jamal Warner as Shirley’s ex Andre as Chang tries to change to win his baby mama’s heart.

Bones “The Blackout in the Blizzard” 9:00 on FOX

A blizzard hits DC and causes a blackout. Brennan and Booth spend the entire episode stuck in an elevator. This is a big episode for Shippers as Sweets takes advantage of having them locked in a small space together to bring up their relationship. Bones handles “shipping’ better than most series – since Booth’s confession last season every relationship discussion has brought out the vulnerability and (I say) the best of both the characters and actors. Can’t wait!

Parks and Recreation “Harvest Festival” 9:30 on NBC

In season three’s first Rob Lowe free episode Leslie and the Parks department throw their make it or break it harvest festival. The stakes have never been bigger! Word is the success of the festival will launch Leslie into the public eye and have her run for office. Tonight also brings back Pawneeians Perd Hapley from Ya Heard with Perd and Joan Callamezzo from Pawnee Today. Don’t have a promo – just a wicked Sarah Silverman impression from castmate Aubrey Plaza

“It’s My Way Till Pay Day!”

30 Rock “Queen of Jordan” 10:00 on NBC

The more I see and hear of 30 Rock Bravo Reality Parody starring Sherri Sheppard’s character Angie Jordan – the more I love it. From the pitch and promo in episode 11, to the Uptown Girl sung argument, Queen of Jordan has been a consistant source of laughs. Tonight brings the drama to the centerforld as both the A and B plots focus on the series. Jack has Liz organize an event for Angie to try and manipulate her into getting tracy to come home. Meanwhile the camera annoy Jack but leave a wanton Jenna starved for attention. Also an old flame comes back into Frank’s life. Oscar Winner and MILF Susan Sarandon guest stars. I hope I get to see D’Fwan, Randi or Portia but I doubt it.

Archer “Stage Two” 10:00 on FX

The last two weeks Archer has been KILLING it. Mallory and Cyril as a writing team is GOLD. I don’t know what tonight is even about, I just know it’ll be good. Check out some clips to get Archer Pumped!

Wait, you want more? Fine here’s the rest:

Spring Wipeout 8:00 on ABC – Screw this. Anyone see the Situation bomb at the Trump roast? Amazing.

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Please for the love of god send Karen Rodriguez home. Last night she was completely retarded from head to toe.

Perfect Couples 8:30 on NBC – It’ll probably be cancelled. Which is a shame cause I kinda dig it.

Private Practice 9:00 on ABC – It takes over Grey’s slot for the night. Boourns.

Fairly Legal 10:00 on USA – Kate takes on a divorce with a tough prenup.

Jersey Shore 10:00 on MTV – A HOUSE DIVIDED.

Outsourced 10:30 on NBC – I watched last week’s repeat. Just to see what was going on. It has it’s strong points –  like it’s charming series star Ben Rappaport (right) – but it’s still pretty bad.

Omg. I have to post it one more time cause I loved it so much!

So satisfying.


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