What’s On: Original Tuesday

Tonight, for the first time in it’s short life Glee is presenting us with three original numbers. I don’t have necessarily high expectations – actually they’re quite low – I guess all I can really ask from Glee is to not give me MORE reasons to be a hater. Whether you love it or hate it, it’ll be interesting to see how the originals fare. Also tonight, the finale of V, guest starring MARC SINGER, the original’s star. I know hoardes of you don’t care, but V is a series on the verge of being better than it is, and maybe one more short season would do that… I also just hate cliffhanger series finales (Duckman anyone?). Anyway, Glee and V are our recommendation for tonight, Tuesday March 15 2011.

The SO Raven:

Glee “Original Song” 8:00 on FOX (it’s scheduled to end at 9:02)

There are three songs making thier debut tonight on Glee. The first song “Loser Like Me” is a pop song written by Max Martin – the genius behind the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, it’ll be sung by New Directions. It’s a little too High School Musical for my liking, it’s lacking anything considering an edge, and it’s not that catchy.  The second, Get It Right, is a Berrie ballad written by Glee’s Music Supervisor Adam Anders and his wife, it’s not bad, just devastatingly average – even with Lea Michelle’s voice – it just ends up being like any Mandy Moore song ever. The third “Hell to the No” is obvi for Mercedes and written by Anders and Ian Brennan (Sue’s Dialoguist), the lyrics are way childish, but it’s got the most personality out of all thee songs and is the clear fave of the bunch, I could see it stuck in my head soon. Kathy Griffin and the divine Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy) guest star – ALSO is tonight is regionals – then isn’t there a DEATH happening? Lauren Zises? Sam Evans? Principal Figgins? Terri Schuster? There are a lot of people who could die, and I’m hardcore lover of TV death. Check out the promos and the songs and jugde for yourself.

Loser Like Me:

Get It Right:

Hell to the No:

Season (Series?) Finale Alert!!!

V “Mother’s Day” 9:00 on ABC (it’s scheduled to go till 9:01)

If you’ve watched the season you know where we are plot wise, if you haven’t just skim down to the biggest loser, cause that’s what you are, NERD! It’s been well documented that tonight’s second season ends with a cliffhanger, that should the struggling series not survive will be left hanging. I am also anticipating death, last season in the finale, I was shocked when Anna killed Valerie, yes it was a necessary death cause Valerie was as useless as a second ass, but it still shocked me. Like I said above – I love TV death. I hope this gets another chance, but just by looking at the sheer number of pilot ABC has in development makes me nervous – at least No Ordinary Family and Detroit 187 are worse off. Check out the awesome trailer for tonight’s finale.

The SO not Raven:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – If both teams can work together and drop a team amount – no one goes home. I need this to happen cause my gal Courney Crozier CAN. NOT. GO. HOME.

Raising Hope 9:02 on FOX – Jimmy picks Sabrina to be Hope’s guardian (if anything should happen to him) over Burt – hurting his dad’s feelings. On another note, I adore Kate Micucci (Sabrina’s cousin Shelly – she used to ahve the dead tooth) I think she’s a perfect fit for Hope. Here’s hoping she’s around more.

Traffic Light 9:32 on FOX – The awesome Paul Scheer (Donnie the page from 30 Rock) guest stars tonight.

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – It’ll soon be lights out for this sombre series.

The Game 10:00 on BET – I hate both the playas and the game. So there.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – Can’t. Turn. Away. Help.

Tosh.0 10:00 on CC – Yeah, let’s laugh at people who put their hearts out there and share their art with the world. Ass. But I’m still gonna watch. Duh.

Detroit 187 10:01 on ABC – There’s no place on network TV for a quiet realistic cop drama. Sorry Imperioli, looks like you’re 0 for 2 on ABC. If it’s any consolation I bought the Sopranos boxed set today. Does that make you feel a little better? Good.

Check back tomorror for more, Including the American Idol Top 12 Rankings going into performance night.


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