What’s On: Andrea Zuckerman Monday!

O to the power of M times G to the MAX. Gabrielle Carteris AKA Andrea Zuckerman from the original Beverly Hill 9021o, is on TV tonight. It’s kind of fitting that 90210’s reject castmember is guest starring on the acting vortex known as THE EVENT. Regardless of the format, I will take my Carteris (who must be close to 50 now right?) where I can get it, and tonight that’s the EVENT. Which among a few other choice shows, including the a battle royale between Isaiah Mustafa, the old spice guy and Chuck are our recommendations for tonight, Monday March 14 2011.

Hot Stuff Comin’ Through:

Pretty Little Liars “Monsters in the End” 8:00 on ABC Family (MuchMusic)

I’m hardcore in love with the soapy campy thrill ride half but tend to loathe the plot stalling – especially that obligatory last scene where “A” does something mysterious but gives us no clue. Basically right now each of the Mystery-Murder-Club are in a relationship they have to keep quiet for one reason or another. My favorite aspect of the series is Tammin Sursok’s campy wild portrayal of the quippy, incestuous and mysterious Jenna, who the girls blinded in a prank gone wrong two years prior, a crime she’s been making her step-brother pay for in SEX. Last week, when Hanna slapped the glasses off her face in the washroom (she found out Jenna payed Caleb to get close to her – I told you Jenna is WILD) it was the first time in 20 episodes we’d seen her eyes. She’s cute! F’n Love Her. Tune in and see crazy blind Jenna AKA, SOAP GOLD.

Chuck vs. The A-Team 8:00 on NBC

Isaiah Mustafa aka The Old Spice Guy makes his debut on Chuck along with Stacy Keibler (WCW) as the hottest new CIA recruits, the titular A-Team. Chuck is all nervous these perfect agents will render him obselete.

Season Finale Alert!

The Bachelor “Finale” 8:00 on ABC (Reunion at 10:00)

Will Brad Womack actually choose a Bachelorette this time? I don’t know… maybe. It’s Emily vs. Chantal in hot Cape Town South Africa. Emily’s final date is a helicopter ride and Chantal goes swimming with Sharks.

The EVENT “Turnabout” 9:00 on NBC

Gabrielle Carteris guest stars. So does Roger Bart (The Producers, Desperate Housewives). It’s in danger of being cancelled, so tune in and save the most ridiculous series on TV. I hope Vicki is back tonight. I sorely missed her in the two hour mid season premiere last week.

The Rest:

House 8:00 on FOX – Last week Cuddy broke up with House and he started taking Vicodin again. I’m surprised both his sobriety (since season 6 premiere) and his relationship (last season’s finale) lasted this long.

Mad Love 8:30 on CBS – As a young person – I’m offended that CBS would think I’d like this. It’s proof that a love for actors (pictured right) is not enough.

Being Human 9:00 on Syfy – Watch the original. Thank me later.

The Chicago Code 9:00 on FOX – I hope FOX gives this a chance, I like it – some times I like it a lot. But I’d rather them save Lie To Me, Human Target and most importantly Fringe.

Harry’s Law 10:00 on NBC – John and Joan Cusack’s sister Ann (the illiterate and adorable Shirley Baker from A League of their Own) guest stars tonight.

Skins 10:00 on MTV – Tonight’s penultimate episode focuses on Tina, the teacher sleeping with 17 year old Chris.


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