THE EVENT RECAP “I’m Not Human Am I?”

The EVENT is back from it’s hiatus and so are the super intense EVENT recaps. These were a pair of big episodes – for the EVENT, not big episodes generally. In terms of plot-stalling – it was at a minimum, the Virginia Madsen stuff was stalling, but it was heightened by the oscar winner’s performance. If the rest of the episodes move at this pace the EVENT has my peepers. We learned a lot tonight, including the name of the Alien’s homeworld which brings us to…

The “WHAT?!?!” List



Chronicling the events in the EVENT that make us nuts.

10. NGC 253

The homeworld really exists? As Michael explained to Laila his people are from what earth calls NGC 253, otherwise known as the Sculptor Galaxy. It’s really far away and undergoing a star formation right now. That’s an actual picture of it to the right. That’s where the message was sent.


9. Thomas’ Waste The decoded message was something along the lines of preparations being made for their arrival. Really? He’s gonna go to all the trouble of sending a satellite with a coded message and have the message have no content of value? It was pretty much an RSVP to an RSVP. Wasteful.
8. Sean leaves a bunch of disfigured girls in a wrecked van on the side of the road. Sean and Laila find Samantha! But they find her among many of the youth-stolen disfigured girls, they grab Samantha and leave the rest of the terrified and scared girls in the wrecked van on the side of the road. Fine whatever so Sean, Sam and Laila head off and speak to Agent Collier.
7. Agent Collier’s Back! No one was happier than I to see Heather McComb back as FBI Agent Collier, Sean’s ally, but seriously is no one monitoring her?  Everyone knows she’s connected to Sean who’s still on the run so why isn’t she being monitored?
6. Sophia’s Choice Sophia rescues Michael and threatens him with blah blah blah and how she thinks his family was a mistake, but later she’s super nice to Sean and Laila. One second she doesn’t care the next she does. Laura Innes deserves better and more consistent material
5. Sophie’s Choice 2: Teenage Dream Michael proceeds to tell Laila a few of the details about her heritage as a crossbreed alien freak woman, but stops and tells her that the only way he’ll continue is if she leaves Sean. Talk about Sophie’s Choice.
4. Stupid Move President Eli Now maybe it’s just me but when confronted with a whistleblower I would do everything in my power to stop the whistle from being blown, not enrage the person by insulting and berating them. It proved to be a really stupid move because the Senator ended up on Hardball with Chris Matthews.
3. Hardball with Chris Matthews Hardball? I don’t know who’s standards are lower Matthews’ or the EVENT’s in recruiting the liberal watchdog.
2. Pandora’s Box Pandora’s Box There were not one but two references to Pandora’s Box by different characters referring to different things. LAZY.
1.  Dr. Dempsey’s Magic Table The episode ended with Dempsey (Hal Holbrook) who mused about meeting Sean Walker soon and then looked down at what appeared to be Alsan’s stone table from Narnia with a bunch of scratches and domino-ish things on top. Yup, along with aliens we have a a magic future predicting table. AND ALSO what’s the point of having a dude like Hal Holbrook if you’re only gonna use him for the last minute of the episode? That is a SERIOUS waste.
I actually liked the stuff with Blake (Zeljko Ivanek) it was more entertaining and less ridiculous than the rest and a Clea Duval guest spot is always good by me.
The other thing that pissed me off? No Taylor Cole (Vicki) this week. LOVE HER!
Well that’s what drove me cray-cray in THE EVENTS midseason premiere. What about you? How did you find it’s return?

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