What’s On: Desolate Wasteland Thursday

As of tonight we enter a desolate time for TV, fresh episodes of network scripted series disappear and we enter a veritable wasteland of reality and cable series – just look at tonight. Sheesh. Rather than a list of recommendations for tonight – here’s everything for tonight, Thursday March 3 2011.


American Idol “First Results Show and Finalists Announced” 8:00 on FOX

Contestants go from 24 to 12 tonight, expect rivers of blood and tears to flow. So here’s how tonight’s gonna work. I think. I feel like this changes every year. Anyways, asides from Seacrest’s shameless delaying, the top 9 vote getters (regardless of gender, for the first time) will get put into the top 12 along with 3 wild cards (I imagine one judge choice each). Ugh is this really all happening again? and Ugh why do I love/hate it so much. Here are the top 24 incase you need a reminder.

Rules of Engagement “Zygote” 8:30 on CBS

I really enjoyed Adhir Kalyan in Aliens in America with Dan Byrd (Cougar Town) and Lindsay Shaw (ABC Fam’s 10 Things and Pretty Little Liars) Something about babies I think. I don’t watch it – but maybe I will tonight. (No I wont)

Archer “Tragical History” 10:00 on FX

Cyril (Chris Parnell) goes rogue when he allows a virus into ISIS’ mainframe so he can look like a hero. Sexy Bikini Ninjas also make an appearance.

Jersey Shore “A Cheesy Situation” 10:00 on MTV

Last week ended with Sammi returning to the house and Ronnie not too happy about it. This whole season has felt totally forced, I want them to go to Italia!

Fairly Legal “Coming Home” 10:00 on USA

I can’t help but adore Sarah Shahi, and she’s much more likable as Kate than her sour detective on NBC’s Life. Michael Trucco’s Justin is perfect opposite Kate, I just wish he had more to do than play romantic foil.

Well that’s it. Wasteland right? The next few weeks are gonna be this lame. Le grande sigh.


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