American Idol Top 12 Girls! Rankings!

The girls were so blah. I mean some of them were better than others but overall just very blah. I have a feeling that the top 12 will be very Y-Chromosonal. Anyway here are the top 12 girls rankings for the semifinals from worst to best:

12. Ta-Tynisa Wilson, Only Girl in the World – Randy was dead on. An epic failure as terrible as Jordan Dorsey’s OMG. Just awful. D

11. Ashton Jones, Love All Over Me – For some reason girls need more than a good voice to stand out in this competition and while that may not be fair it’s how it is and Jones just doens’t. C

10. Kendra Chantelle, Impossible – I’ve read reviews that were blown away, I liked her voice but I wished she’d chosen a better song. C

9. Karen Rodriguez, Hero – I was not blown away by this at all. I though she looked like an old maid, and it seemed as if she knows how to get votes. She also messed up the bridge – which is the best part of the song – just saying. C+

8. Rachel Zevita, Criminal – The vocals weren’t there, but I didn’t hate it nearly as much as the judges, in fact I thought the arrangement was BRILLIANT, Criminal isa great song and I loved the theatricality of it, I just wish the vocals were stronger. C+

7. Julie Zorilla, Breakaway – Nothing special but she had excellent control of her voice. Oh and she wore a ridiculous prom dress. Who dresses these idiots? B

6. Hailee Reinhart, Fallin’ – She has a sexy gravely voice but she looked like a prostitute in that dress and unfortunate song choice. B

5. Lauren Turner, Seven Day Fool – This song was HUGE in Canada, not so much in the states so I’m a little surprised to hear it. Turner was dead on vocally and was very powerful. B+

4. Naima Adedapo, Summertime – Summertime is one of those songs that’s poison on the idol stage – contestants should refrain from singing a song iconically sung by a past contestant – and Fantasia’s Summertime might have been one of the best performances ever. But if you MUST (and Adedapo must’ve) then make it your own which she absolutely did. I didn’t find it lounge-y, I found it fun and flirty. A-

3. Thia Megia, Out Here On My Own – Megia made the right decision by starting a capella and giving a performance that highlighted her wicked pipes rather than the showiness of the Idoldome. Not perfect vocally but powerful. A

2. Pia Toscana, I’ll Stand By You – One of the better ballads that’s sung a lot on Idol, it’s an easy enough song that Toscana was able to show off her control and her killer voice. That and the fact that she looks like a more accessible Minka Kelly make her a real threat. A

1. Lauren Alaina, Turn on the Radio – Randy was dead on again in saying that she’s part Kelly, part Carrie and all winner. She made it look effortless. Damn she was good. A

See Lauren Alaina Turn on the Radio!

Ta-Tynisa Wilson’s Shame


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