American Idol Recap and Rankings!

Last night the top 12 boys performed on Idol and it was anything but a smooth night. Contestants were all over the place; there were some epic failures and some diamonds in the rough. Here are the rankings:

12. Jordan Dorsey, OMG – A veritable shit storm from beginning to end. It was melodically dead and void of anything resembling talent. Oh god, and that dancing. F

11. Robbie Rosen, Angel – A trainwreck from start to finish, it was pitchy and at elast 50 percent of his runs were totally off. D

10. Stefano Lagnone, Just The Way You Are – I always think its a big mistake when someone sings a current hit in the EXACT SAME way the singer (in this case Bruno Mars). It was lame, off tune, and ridiculous. C –

9. Jovany Barreto, I’ll Be – Here’s the thing about this performance; it was absolutely cliched and mundane – BUT, it wasn’t painful like the boys above. C –

8. Tim Halperin, Streetcorner Symphony – Who? Exactly. Banal and completely forgettable. C

7. Brett Loewenstern, Light My Fire – A super lame song choice, and the vocals themselves were nothing special not the right way for a contestant as unique as Brett to make a splash. C +

6. Clint Jun Gamboa, Superstition – My only gripe is that any talented contestant from any past season could have done this just as well. B


4. Paul McDonald, Maggie May & Scotty McCreery, Letters from Home – This tie comes from two of the more unique voices in the competition picking songs that  are just okay. Maggie May was sweet, but typical and I expected more based on his last performance. Scotty, was also very good but suffered from a lame and boring song choice. Dem boys lucky they got those pipes. B+

3. James Durbin, You Got Another Thing Comin’ – It takes a serious pair of balls to sing Priest in the Idoldome and Durbin rocked it. It was a little pitchy but a fun ride. An example of a risky song choice turned gold. A-

2. Jacob Lusk, A House is not A Home – This dude’s got a rockin’ set of pipes and can surely wail. He’s got insane power which is one of the reasons why I loved the understated moments of his performance. A

1. Casey Abrams, I Put A Spell On You – He almost didn’t sing due to illness and would have therefore been eliminated, but he did and we were luckier for it. Wicked, wild and very sexy indeed. The last “you mine” was the perfect finishing touch to the night’s best performance. A

Casey Abrams, kickin’ ass and takin’ names!

Jordan Dorsey’s sad, sad, song.

Agree? Disagree? How’d the night fare for y’all?

Tonight, the ladies perform check back tomorrow for more rankings.



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