What’s On: Friendship Tuesday

What’s going on friends! It’s a lovely tuesday and even lovelier because I get to be here talking to you – MY FRIENDS. And in the spirit of friendship I urge you to befriend The Good Wife – not because it needs viewers, just because you deserve it. The Good Wife as always is among our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday March 1, 2011.

No Ordinary Family “No Ordinary Love” 8:00 on ABC

The alphabet’s worst scripted series gets a leg up tonight by staging a Battlestar Galactica reunion. Two super hot former cylons; Tricia Helfer  and Lucy Lawless show up tonight as the devious Sophie and evil Mrs. X respectively. Lame but, cooler than usual I guess.

Raising Hope “Snip snip” 9:30 on FOX

Tonight’s episode is about gossip; and man I love gossip. Virginia (Martha Plimpton) finds out something juicy about Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) and vice versa and they blackmail eachother to keep it a secret. I posted a clip below, click through to youtube if you want to see more!

White Collar “Power Play” 10:00 on USA

Peter and Neal switch identities to stop a nasty criminal (guest star Richard Schiff) from a collusion scheme. I love episodes that have characters skewering each other, and when the series has a strong sense of humour, like this one, it always works out for the audience’s benefit. Definetly worth checking out!

The Good Wife “The Great Firewall” 10:00 on CBS

My addition to the Good Wife aside, tonight’s episode is gonna be HUGE. On the trial side (CBS says); “[The firm defends a] Chinese dissident, who posted an anonymous blog about democracy in China, and was jailed and tortured by the Chinese government when the site failed to protect his anonymity and turned over his IP address.” The man is played by Lost’s Ken Leung, who advance screenings say is rather brilliant. On the other side of things; Derrick (Michael Ealy) makes a move against Diane, who’s nemesis Viola (Rita Wilson) returns tonight and Eli strives for a way to get Glenn Childs (guest star Titus Welliver) out of the State’s Attorney race. In true Good Wife fashion I imagine there will be a lot of twists and turns along the way.

The rest:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – 90 minutes. Men sing.

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – I say it every week and I’ll say it again. COURTNEY CROZIER.

NCIS 8:00 0n CBS – Sarah Jane Morris, formerly of Brother’s and Sisters guest stars.

One Tree Hill 8:00 on CW – Chase (Stephen Colletti) gets a plot tonight. Good for him.

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – The mystery of who knocked up Charlotte, Savannah’s sister gets solved tonight. I hope it was Dan (Matt Barr).

V 9:00 on ABC – Erica leads a risky attack against Anna. Doesn’t she always.

The Game 10:00 on BET – A very special episode. Czech it out! (Pictured below)

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – Check out this downer while you still can, it’s not long for this world.

Parenthood 10:00 on NBC – Last week’s episode was brilliant and tonight promises to be the same as Adam and Christina explain Asperger’s to Max.

Southland 10:00 on TNT – It was chilling when Sammy went after Nate’s killer last week. Tonight’s penultimate episode should be just as awesome.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – I think tonight is the night I’m gonna try this. Tonight’s the night!

Tosh.0 10:00 on CC – Sometimes I feel bad for those ridiculed by the Tosh. HA! I could’t even type that wit a straight face.

20/20 10:00 on ABC – I’m on a drug and its called Charlie Sheen.

Thats the haps for tonight. Check back tomorrow for more!


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