TV News Bonanza! Renewed! Hired!

Hello Telephiles! I have a buttload of hot news for you, and would you believe it most of it is good news, so extra extra read all about it:

Renewal Town!

American Dad has been renewed for another production cycle, which translates to two more seasons as animated series (other than South Park) take a long time to animate. It’s currently in it’s 6th season, and it’ll go to at least 8 with this pick-up.

Fox was equally generous to Hell’s Kitchen which had a ratings bump in it’s 8 season in 2010 has been renewed for two seasons too, it’ll go at least 10.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret has been renewed for a second season of 8 episodes by IFC. This is the series that stars Will Arnett and David Cross that wasn’t cancelled.

TVLand renewed it’s smash Hot in Cleveland for a third season. You go girls!

Showtime renewed Californication the day after it’s premiere and today comes the news that both freshman series Shameless and Episodes have been renewed for second seasons. I like Shameless quite a bit, out of all the bastardized American versions of British series, it feels the most British. Episodes, which creatively, started off pretty rough, found its groove by its fifth episode, which is when most sitcoms find their groove. Episodes ended last week with a hilarious finale that’ll make for a funny second season.

ABC’s Bachelor Pad was renewed for a second helping of VD.

NBC’s reality line-up; The Biggest Loser, The Sing Off & Who Do You Think You Are were all renewed for more. Obvi the biggest loser was renewed for a second season, according to the pie chart it’s a no brainer.


Glory Daze, TBS 80’s set college dramedy got the axe after a less than stellar first season. The good news: castmember Tim Meadows is free to pursue something people will actually watch him in – he deserves it.

HBO, after viewing the pilot has decided not to pick up Tilda to series. The comedy, about a nasty Hollywood blogger (said to be based on Deadline’s Nikki Finke) starred Diane Keaton, Ellen Page and Jason Patric.


NBC’s rip off of American Idol – The Voice – has hired two of it’s own voices; Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Cee-Lo Green have taken two of the four judge/coach seats on reality-competition mastermind Mark Burnett’s singing series. Word is Christina Aguilera is also in talk to join the panel of the reality series which FOX describes as “… a search by relevant artists for relevant artists” adding; ““Every person who sits on our panel can do what it is that they’re judging.”

Leven Rambin who I named the third worst guest star of 2010 for her role as Sloane Riley, Mark Sloane’s (Eric Dane) selfish pregnant teen daughter, had booked a recurring gig on HBO’s Hung as a former student who awkwardly reunites with her favourite teacher. As has Stephen Amell (The Vampire Diaries and a finalist for taking over Spartacus) he’ll play a rival Motor city whore.

And Finally: JOSH HOLLOWAY (Sawyer from Lost, bitches!) in is final negotiations to guest star in Community’s two part season two finale which is a followup to last year’s Paintball infused best ep; “Modern Warfare”. Asides from the fact Paintball is back not much else is know about the episode other than the fact that is focuses on Annie and a rival of hers. By adding Holloway they’ve only upped the expectations.


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