What’s On: Blue Monday! (last Monday of sweeps)

Have any of you seen Charlie Sheen’s Good Morning America interview? Wow. That was a train wreck huh? I tried to find a link to it but it seem to have been taken down already. Bun on happier news the picture above has me excited for all kinds of reason which is why 90210 along with a few other are our recommendations for tonight, Monday February 28 2011.

The Best:

90210 “Blue Naomi” 8:00 on CW

Naomi goes to great lengths to impress Max (Josh Zuckerman), Dixon and Navid cement their business relationship with the assistance of guest Snoop Dog. But in way more interesting news my prayers have been answered and Silver is likely headed for Bi-Polar breakdown zone due to Adrianna’s vow of revenge.

Chuck “Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil” 8:00 on NBC

Chuck (Zachary Levi, who performed at the Oscars last night) and Sarah go, as the promo says; Bonnie and Clyde and rob an evil bank in Macau with the help of Rose Vivian (Lauren Cohan). Looks like a solid, fun stand alone episode.

“Accept it if you DAIR”

Gossip Girl “Empire of the Son” 9:00 on CW

I DO DAIR… I mean I am so deeply in love with the Dair plot, that all my Chair feelings are out the window. When they cuddled to watch the movie at the end of last week’s episode; I melted. I’m not usually one of the ‘Shippers when it comes to my fave series, but this is too good to pass, and what’s better is that we (or at least I) never saw this coming. I still don’t like Raina Thorpe (Tika Sumpter), who’s now roped Nate into her plot vortex of entertainment. What I am looking forward to, is the return of Billy Baldwin as the devious William Van Der Woodsen, Lily’s ex and Serena and Eric’s poppa.

Castle “Countdown Part 2” 10:00 on ABC

I hate two parters – in that I don’t do well with suspense and anticipation; so I just watched last weeks’ “Countdown pt 1” this morning. I really enjoyed it, much like last season’s Dana Delaney-infused two parter – it’s been a showcase for a more heavy handed episode, which isn’t exactly Castle’s forte. Castle thrives in the light and peppy, but it’s these serious episodes that allow for Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion to stretch their thespian muscles. We last left Castle and Beckett freezing to death in a freezer and the rest of the team chasing a nuclear dirty bomb.

Harry’s Law “American Dreams” 10:00 on NBC

It’s rather fitting that the episode to showcase Brittany Snow the most thus far is named after the series on which the broke big. Tonight Harry takes on a case of Albinos seeking refugee status from Albino hunters. I didn’t know Albino hunters existed. Also Harry and Jenna’s relationship gets a little rocky after some unfortunate incidents. I’m a fan – I’m also a fan of the ad aiming at Hawaii Five-O’s audience.

The rest:

The Bachelor 8:00 on ABC – Ugh…

House 8:00 on FOX – Last week’s ep was a solid 9, I really enjoyed the kids. Let’s hope this episode’s got some moxy too. Also when is Olivia Wilde returning. She’s been absent all but one and her name remains in the opening credits.

How I Met Your Mother 8:00 on CBS – Barney falls harder for Nora, and I fall harder asleep. Bring on the Lithgow as his dad, and bring him now.

Pretty Little Liars 8:00 on ABC Family – Something needs to happen soon. There is a lot of nothing and my patience is wearing thin. I also dont understand Ezra Fitz and Aria; I mean are we supposed to cheer for them? If she was my daughter I’d kill him and I’ve seen them together as a couple. He needs to go the way of Bianca Lawson – and leave this show.

Mad Love 8:30 on CBS – A waste of talent for everyone involved. Yes, even Jason Biggs.

Being Human 9:00 on Syfy – I keep meaning to cover this above in the Best section, but then I see the sad Annie replacement and I quickly stick it in the rest. 

The Cape 9:00 on NBC – Tonight’s 9th and likely penultimate episode has the Cape infiltrating Scales’ (Vinnie Jones) gang to get close to new villain Razer (guest Grant Bowler; True Blood, Ugly Betty and Lost). Rapper Slaine (who I’ve never heard of) and legend Elliot Gould (Friends, MASH) also guest star.

The Chicago Code 9:00 on FOX – Alderman Gibbons (Delroy Lindo) is held up by a youth and it triggers some emotional memories from his past. I guess we have a lot of Lindo voice overs to look forward to tonight. P.S. – Memo to Shawn Ryan: GET RID OF THE PATRONIZING VOICEOVERS, IDIOT.

Greek 9:00 on ABC Family – Another penultimate episode. Tear!

Mike & Molly 9:30 on CBS – Mike and Carl spend too many double shifts together and end up pissing each other off. I bet Carl calls Mike fat.

Skins 10:00 on MTV – Tonight is Michelle’s episode. KMN.

Well that’s it for today, next week brings us the return of THE EVENT. But sweeps ends tomorrow and new episodes will be few and far between as we ramp up to the end of the broadcast season. Check back later for more!


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