What’s On: Backstage Sunday

Here’s our recommendations for tonight, nerds, it’s Sunday February 20, 2011.

The Hots:

Season Premiere Alert!

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business “Premiere” 8:00 on CBS

The Amazing Race is taking the TC: All Stars route by bringing back fan faves who’ve never won the Amazing Race – returning teams include, the Harlem Globetrotters, the Yale A Capella geeks, the Goth and my pick for the winners; the cowboys Jet and Cord. Also! This is the first cycle of the Amazing Race to be shot and broadcast in HD.

The Simpsons “Angry Dad: The Movie” 8:00 on FOX

A semi-sequel to season 13’s “I Am Furious Yellow” in which created an internet cartoon called Angry Dad, tonight Angry Dad becomes a movie and not just any movie, an Oscar movie as Russell Brand, Halle Berry, animator Nick Park and Ricky Gervais guest voice as themselves. Also Curb’s JB Smoove guest stars too.

Desperate Housewives “Farewell Letter” 9:00 on ABC

Lynette kicks the twins out of the house in order to force them into being adults. Also Susan uses her disease to her advantage, Gaby visits her home town to confront her past and Keith (Brian Austin Green) asks Bree to move to Florida with him. Uh-Oh looks like this is BAG’s exit.

SNL: Backstage Special 9:00 on NBC

NBC’s press release says: This special takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour throughout the show’s long history, including how the show got on the air in 1975 and why it became a hit, to the inner workings of the guest host experience. The show is both a sentimental journey through the years and an insider’s view of how and why it continues to be the trendsetting show that it is. The special will also include never before seen interviews with many of the show’s brightest stars, writers, and guest hosts, as well as some of the most memorable characters and sketches.

Season Finale Alert!

Episodes “Episode 7” 9:30 on SHOWTIME

This series got a lot better as it went along, it’s likely not going to get a second season as it’s ratings are less than stellar. I particularly enjoy Kathleen Rose Perkins as Carol Rance, the network exec, zany, sarcastic and just plain funny, and my problem with this series is that I find Beverly (Tamsin Grieg) to be completely unlikable.

The Rest:

American Dad 7:30 on FOX – The League’s Nick Kroll guest stars as Roger’s replacement.

Extreme Home Makeover 8:00 on ABC – Boo hoo.

NBA All-Star Game 8:30 on TNT – Fancy shmancy millionaires throw a ball in a hole.

Bob’s Burgers 8:30 on FOX – Linda puts on Burger Dinner theatre.

Big Love 9:00 on HBO – I thought Don (Joel McKinnon Miller) was a surly a goner last week when Alby tried to have him killed. But he lived, and the reaper sheathes his scythe for now.

Californication 9:00 on SHOWTIME – I’m mixed on this season so far, but it’s definitely better than the last two and no where near the greatness of the first.

Family Guy 9:00 on FOX – German Guy – Watch it and you’ll get it.

Undercover Boss 9:00 on CBS – Mack Trucks.

Cleveland Show 9:30 on FOX – It is revealed tonight why Terry is such a hit with the ladies – it’s because he’s nailing Justin Timberlake.

CSI:Miami 10:00 on CBS – No.

Shameless 10:00 on SHOWTIME – Yes!

Brothers & Sisters 10:00 on ABC – NEVER AGAIN!



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