What’s On: Voicemail Tuesday. “Will, I need a moment of your time”

a.k.a. Michael Emerson Guest Spot Tuesday!

It’s an exciting day for us Good Wife addicts as the press release from CBS indicates a certain voicemail that has been haunting us Will/Alicia fans all season. But it’s exciting for more reasons; Michael Emerson, the Emmy winning Lost star who played villain Benjamin Linus for 5 years, does a guest spot on a weekly series. In fact, this is his first guest appearance since Lost’s season 2 finale before he was promoted to a regular. There’s other good stuff on tonight too which along with Parenthood are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday February 15, 2011.

Ooh La La:

Glee “Comeback” 8:00 on FOX

Well well well… last week, after a Superbowl episode that stank like shit, Glee came back with Silly Love Songs which was probably this season’s strongest episode so far. Can Glee make it two in a row? Probably not, but it’ll be nice to see them try. Sam starts a Bieber cover group and the gang sings “Somebody to Love” and “Baby” as well as the mightily anticipated cover of Rent’s “Take Me or Leave Me” sung by Mercedes and Rachel. Also Sue suffers from depression after losing her star Cheerios. It’s scheduled to go a minute long if your recording set DVR’s accordingly.

V “Siege” 9:00 on ABC

Lisa meets her grandmother Diana for the first time tonight and potentially finds the 5th column an new shipboard ally. While it’s not the best show on TV or even one of the very good ones, it’s damn fine entertainment. The snob in me tells me I deserve better but the 12 year old in me tells me it’s awesome. It’s also scheduled to go a minute long if your recording set DVR’s accordingly.

Parenthood “Amazing Andy and his Wonderful World of Bugs” 10:00 on NBC

The aformentioned Michael Emerson guest appearance is upon us. He plays the titular Amazing Andy, who joys Max (Max Burkholder) to no end at his birthday party. Minka Kelly also guest stars as Gabby, Max’s therapist and John Corbett is back again as Miles and Amber’s father. The promo is below, and it makes no mention of Emerson, just Kelly and Crosby’s (Dax Shepard) affair with her.

The Good Wife “Net Worth” 10:00 on CBS

Based on the story behind the Social Network, F Murray Abraham and Rita Wilson guest stain in the episode about an internet billionaire who is suing the producers who made a movie that shows him in a negative light. But on way more interesting grounds Will and Alicia finally have that talk about the voice mail. That voice mail. Chris Noth, Anika Noni Rose, Titus Welliver, Kate Burton, Dallas Roberts, Jill Flint and Rene Auberjonois also guest star.

La Petite Merde:

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – Gimme a C. C. Gimme an O. O. Gimme a U R T N E Y C R O Z I E R. I love that girl. What a winner.

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – Old ladies get their panties wet for Mark Harmon.

One Tree Hill 8:00 on CW – The gang celebrates Valentine’s day in the usual cheesy romantic and verbally post-modern throwback soap opera way.

No Ordinary Family 8:00 on ABC – The kids mess up and clone their father, yeah that’s what we need; two Michael Chiklis’ operating WAAAAAAY below potential.

Hellcats 9:00 on CW – (pictured above) Marti and Vanessa go to the Mats against the Lancer University Sporst department, mainly Bill Marsh (Aaron Douglas) and Red Raymond (Jeff Hephner).

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – Star Trek Enterprise’s Connor Trineer guest stars tonight on NCIS:LA a day after playing homophobic dad on Pretty Little Liars.

Raising Hope 9:01 on FOX – Jimmy wages a war on germs. Maw Maw is shunned thusly.

Traffic Light 9:30 on FOX – (pictured right) Out of all the relationship series currently on TV, this one is the strongest. The pilot was both touching and hilarious and it’s a VAST VAST improvement than it’s timeslot predecessor, Running Wilde.

The Game 10:00 on BET – This is a ratings juggernaut, I’m happy the Game found it’s home and it’s audience.

Lights Out 10:00 on FX – Melora Hardin, The Office’s Jan Levinson was supposed to play Lights’ (Holt McCallany pictured left with Catherine McCormack who got the part) wife. One can dream…

Southland 10:00 on TNT – Ryan Atwood Alert! See Ben McKenzie all grown up and rolling with the force.

Teen Mom 10:00 on MTV – Ratings juggernaut the second of the night.

Tosh.0 10:00 on Comedy Central – Tosh takes on Oprah. Two weeks later he’ll turn up dead from a **wink wink** heart attack. Oprah claims another adversary.

Detroit 1-8-7 10:00 on ABC – Maybe If I’d have started it I could have loved it, but now, it’s merely the end to ABC magic night of disappointments.

Well that’s it for today. What do you think will happen with Alicia and Will? They won’t just kiss again – if she goes for it, she’s gonna GO FOR IT.



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