What’s On: Ron and Tammy Part 2-SDAY

Today’s What’s On is gonna be mighty brief ladies and germs, I had me a busy day away from my Mac and I am dying to get to last night’s Justified, so without further adieu; here are our recommendations for tonight, Thursday February 10, 2011.

The Highlights:

Grey’s Anatomy “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” 9:00 on ABC

Thatcher Grey (guest star Jeff Perry) father to Meredith and Lexipedia turns up at Seattle Grace with his new girlfriend, Danielle (played by All My Children’s Alexa Havins a tattooed 20-something. Obviously Meredith and Lexie will LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this. Also Alex deeply offends Callie’s OBGYN, Dr. Blondie Whatever played by new Charlie’s Angel Rachael Taylor and Sloane makes Avery use his looks to get stuff.

The Office “PDA” 9:00 on NBC

Valentines hits Dunder Mifflin/Sabre and the office can’t stand the recently reunited Michael and Holly (the glorious Amy Ryan). PS – how amazing was that reunion? Like one of the best reunions ever… Will Michael and Holly end up together?

Parks and Recreation “Ron and Tammy II” 9:30 on NBC

Megan Mullally, real life wife of Nick Offerman, returns tonight to play her husband’s ex-wife Tammy. If you’ve seen last season’s episode with her, you know what to expect tonight, 22 minutes of hi-larious comedy. The episode focuses on Tom getting revenge on Ron for dating his ex-wife by dating Ron’s and April is assigned to work with Chris (Rob Lowe).

30 Rock “Double-Edged Sword” 10:00 on NBC

Jack and Avery (guest star Elizabeth Banks) get stuck in Toronto (my hometown!) while on a romantic vacation when Avery goes into labour. They try to get back to the states by any means necessary lest their daughter be Canadienne. ALSO! Matt Damon returns as Carol, Liz’s boyfriend. It’s TRUTH time when Liz and Carol are stuck on the tarmac on their way out of town. ALSO! John Cho (Flash Forward, Star Trek) Guest Stars – NBC thursday combo pack below!


American Idol 8:00 on FOX – Hollywood Week Begins!

The Big Bang Theory 8:00 on CBS – The boys attend a fundraiser and beg old rich white people for money.

Community 8:00 on NBC – Britta goes totally LEZZY!

The Vampire Diaries 8:00 on CW – Jules (Michaela McManus) takes Tyler Lockwood (Michael “THE TREV” Trevino) and the rest of the werewolves Vampire Hunting.

Wipeout 8:00 on ABC – Painfully painful.

Shit My Dad Says 8:30 on CBS – No.

Perfect Couples 8:30 on NBC – Ughh..Maybe.

Bones 9:00 on FOX – “The Daredevil in the Mold” Ben Affleck?

CSI 9:00 on CBS – See Fishburne phone it in.

Nikita 9:00 on CW – Noah Bean guest stars as Nikita’s new CIA crush! How totally galactical!

Royal Pains 9:00 on USA – I feel about Mark Feuerstein’s hair (pictured above) the way Sue Sylvester feels about Mr. Shue’s.

Archer 10:00 on FX – Archer’s favorite Hooker shows up claiming he’s her baby daddy.

Fairly Legal 10:00 on USA – Sam Anders from Battlestar Galactica gets to kiss Sarah Shahi. Stupid pretty people.

Jersey Shore 10:00 on MTV – Ronnie suffers after drinking a buttload. Also Ronnie got fingered last week. Just saying.

The Mentalist 10:00 on CBS – Van Pelt’s (Amanda Righetti, pictured) career is in jeopardy when she loses a suspect.

Private Practice 10:00 on ABC – Meh. Although I wonder if there will be any interesting casting news to fill the vacant spot left by teh departing Audra McDonald (Dr. Naomi Bennett.

Outsourced 10:30 on NBC – Super meh.

I’ll see you all tomorrow when I’m drunk off Ron and Tammy goodness. Adios!


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