What’s On: Life-Slot Friday!

With Fringe’s numbers dipping ever so slightly last week, we need to channel our collective Karma points towards big(ger) numbers for Fringe tonight – we’ll see how much of a ratings chunk those Winchester boys and the NYC crime lab will take from Fringe. There’s a lot of fresh TV for our recommendations for tonight, Friday February 11 2011.

What’s Hot:

The Defenders “Nevada v. Doug the Mule” 8:00 on CBS

Dan Aykroyd guest stars tonight as a Judge who gets on Nick’s nerves as the boys defend a man named Doug (guest star Ryan Pinkston, Tower Prep) tricked into muling 30 bricks of cocaine. At least this isn’t According to Jim.

Smallville “Beacon” 8:00 on CW

Annette O’Toole and John Glover return to Smallville tonight. Martha comes to Metropolis to speak at a pro-vigilante rally and gets shot and Lionel returns to take control of LutherCorp from Tess. It also guest stars Lucas Grabeel (Ryan from High School Musical)

FringeImmortality 9:00 on FOX

Tonight, as you can probably tell by the colour of the text, we return to “OVER THERE”. Sweet. Like Peter, I kind of miss Fauxlivia and I always welcome appearances by by Seth Gabel and Kirk Acevedo who play Over There Fringe team agents Lincoln Lee, who we’ve yet to see on our side, I wonder if that’ll ever happen, and Charlie Francis, who met his end on our side when he was murdered and replaced by a shapeshifter. As a massive fan of the acting on Fringe, I look forward to seeing any of my faves play their red universe character. DEATH SLOT BE DAMNED. I PROCLAIM THIS THE LIFE SLOT.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena “Beneath the Mask” 10:00 on Starz

The house of Batiatus continues to be transformed into a brothel under the paterfamilas’ nose. It’s only a matter of time before Gannicus, Melita, Gaia, Tullius and Vettius meet some unmentioned end in this prequel series.

What’s Sort of Hot?

Who Do You Think You Are? 8:00 on ABC Tim McGraw think’s he’s an singer-SLASH-actor.

CSI:NY 9:00 on CBS – CBS procedurals – where B-List actors (Gary Sinise) go to collect huge pay cheques.

The Ricky Gervais Show 9:00 on HBO – About as close to masturbation as is allowed on television.

Supernatural 9:00 on CW – Mitch Pileggi (Skinner on the X-Files) guests as the boy’s grandfather as Sam and Dean investigate a acse that Sam worked on with Gramps before reconnecting with Dean.

Real Time with Bill Maher 10:00 on HBO – Billy M gets real on nighttime cable.

The Soup 10:00 on E! – Joel McHale is even more metrosexual than Jeff Winger in this role as.. um… himself.

The Onion News Network 10:00 on IFC – Really, really, funny. Like if you don’t laugh, BYBO.

Portlandia 10:30 on IFC – I don’t know if I’m hip enough to watch this.

That’s the haps for tonight.


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