Casting News! Fired & Hired!


90210 Logan’s Run the Aged Out of the Zip Code.

Lori Laughlin and Ryan Eggold are leaving the CW series after the end of this current season.  I could tell you why, but Lori Laughlin spoke to EW and said this:

“Ryan and I will finish the season and then we’re done. There’s just not much for me to do, It is a very big cast and it is hard to service all of us. The focus of the show is the kids. The parents were essentially there to service the story lines of the kids, and occasionally we got a few separate story lines, but  it just wasn’t really working in a way that all of us had enough to do. The CW has a demographic that they appeal to, and they do it very well.”

On her and her characters future:

“I think we will wrap with enough time that it could work for me to join another show. I am not sure how they are going to handle the whole exit, I would guess they may wrap some things up but then again they have already asked me if I would come back for a some episodes next year if they need me.  I don’t think they will be shipping us back to Kansas or anything. [The kids] are going off to college so I am sure changes will be made in that respect. They will probably just move them out of the house.”

Well, that’s not really a shock, but for any 90210 fans that liked seeing Aunt Becky week after week, it’s a disappointment. Eggold’s character, teacher Ryan Mattehws has nailed every single character not in high school and after Laughlin (who is by far the oldest) there’s no one left for his character to romance. Both Eggold and Laughlin have been on 90210 since the beginning.


Law & Order: Criminal Intent finds it’s last Captain.

Jay O. Sanders, a character actor mostly known for his film work in movies like Kiss The Girls, The Day After Tomorrow and playing Blake Lively’s father in this year’s Green Lantern, is coming to USA’s L&O:CI to be the captain in charge of Vincent D’Onofrio and Katherine Erbe. He is the fourth captain in the series following Jamey Sheridan, Eric Bogosian and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.  Criminal Intent’s 10th and final season premieres this summer and Sanders is signed on for the entire (and short) 8 episode season.




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