What’s On: Totally Regular Non-Gigantic-Sports-Event Sunday

So for some reason only the cable channels have new episodes tonight. Oh yeah… and also the spawn of Satan itself; Glee. Okay fine. It’s goddamn Superbowl Sunday! May the Packers destroy their pitiful enemies and decapitate their families as they revel in their glorious victory. Here’s literally everything that is fresh and scripted on tonight, Sunday February 6, 2011:

The Everything:

Glee “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” After the Superbowl on FOX

Blah blah blah… The football team bullies the glee club. They will sing Thriller. I’m glad RyMurph gave the Thriller lead to Artie. I hope this is a good episode deserving of the same spot that gave me the season 2 Alias episode; Phase 2, one of the single greatest TV episodes of all time; so I have deference for the sacred timeslot. Glee better frikkin deliver; at least after the last 20 episodes my expectations are minimal.

Big Love “The Oath” 9:00 on HBO

Last episode gave us the revelation that Margene lied about her age and married Bill underage, effectively undermining his entire campaign’s efforts. The family stuff is still way more interesting than Bill’s ill timed and fated Senate spot. I hope all ends well for the Henricksons. I really, really, do.

Californication “Freeze Frame” 9:00 on SHO

Michael Ealy is showing up everywhere, the handsome actor stops by Californication to romance Karen (Natasha McElhone) who totally deserves to have a decent stud treat her nice for a while.

Episodes “Episode 5” 9:30 on SHO

It’s getting a little better, but Matt LeBlanc’s version of himself is really, really unlikable. There’s only two more after tonight in this incredibly short first and likely only season.

Shameless “The Boys” 10:00 on SHO

I find myself becoming increasingly smitten with the Gallagher Clan especially Lip played with a James Dean-ish rebel streak and adorable slightly crazy Debbie played by Emma Kenney. Check her out in the clip below.


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