SNL Preview!!! Well isn’t that special…

SNL legend Dana Carvey hosts with musical guest Linkin Park.

Dana Carvey, a SNL star from 1986 to 1993 is certifiably one of the funniest men alive. Present and partly responsible for one of Saturday Night Live’s strongest eras. Since leaving he’s hosted three times most recently in 200o. It’s cool to see them going for a host that isn’t pimping some new movie. Carvey’s got a bevy of recognizable characters and it’ll be interesting to see which one’s he pulls out.

Linkin Park, who are effectively hasbeens, are the musical guest. Does NBC think Dana Carvey fans are also Linkin Park fans? Or are they more likely throwing a dog a bone. I intend on fast-forwarding through their performances, they couldn’t possibly hold a candle to Nikki Minaj who killed it last week.

I hope they take every advantage of having a veteran and a skilled comedian like Carvey around and give a really great show tonight. And I’d like me some Church Lady.

Check out the promo…

Last week’s episode was mostly hit and a little miss. Jesse Eisenberg was a versatile host and seemed game for anything. The night started out fun with a zippy and wordy opening monologue that culminated in Eisenberg meeting Mark Zuckerberg for the first time. It was pretty cool…

The skits went on from there and some were kinda forgettable, like the Don’t forget the lyrics sketch, that had Eisenberg messing up easy songs with his really wrong things like; It’s not unusual to get a boner at the movies. The best part was Jason Sudeikis’ Mark McGrath impression.

A sketch called Mr. Wizard, a parody of science show from the 80’s that had kids rubbing each other learning about static electricity. Nasim Pedrad touched Jesse Eisenberg’s junk. Pedrad is amazing as children.

But by and large the funniest skit of the night was Bride of Blackenstein. Which had Jay Pharoah as the Dr., Kenan Thompson as the Monster and Nikki Minaj as the Bride. You just have to watch for yourself… word can hardly do it justice…

Amazing right? Damn Minaj is funny, she even wore her Bride of Blackenstein wig during her subsequent musical number as a sort of victory lap.


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