What’s On: Sci-Friday Showdown!

Fringe vs. Supernatural

Everyone (me included) was very concerned when Fringe was designated to the so-called Friday Night Death Slot but over the last two weeks Fringe has killed it, claiming nearly 5 million viewers, which just ridiculed the previous time slot holder; The Good Guys. But Fringe hasn’t had a new episode of Supernatural to contend against.

Supernatural, like Fringe, used to occupy the crowded Thursday 9:00 pm slot before the CW moved the veteran cult smash to Fridays this season where it held on to the majority of it’s viewers.

Tonight will be the first time these series go up against each other? Fringe will likely prevail in sheer numbers but it’ll be interesting to see if the series take chunks out of each other. If you DVR, check them both out, they, along with the damn good Spartacus are our recommendations for tonight, Friday February 4 2011.

Fringe “Concentrate and Ask Again” 9:00 on FOX

Walter and the Fringe team investigate a scientist who inhales a blue powder cloud and has his bones disintegrate. I’m reminded of the time Peter Griffin wished his bones away and moved to Hollywood. Here’s hoping Fringe continues to settle nicely into it’s friday slot.

Supernatural “Like A Virgin” 9:00 on CW

Sam, Dean and Bobby (Jim Beaver) investigate the disappearance of virgins and find the culprits to be dragons. Yup dragons. I know – Awesome! I’m not a Supernatural fan but I believe there’s enough room for both of these series.

Also on tonight and looking mightily awesome…

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena “Paterfamilias” 10:00 on Starz

Still reeling from last week’s exciting episode. I’m still devastated over Gannicus (Dustin Clare) having to bed his best friend Oenomaus’s wife, Melitta (Marisa Ramirez). One of the most horrifying sex scenes just based on their faces alone. I’m also really happy Batiatus got his revenge on Vettius. This series, which reached his halfway point tonight, has been a welcome distraction while waiting for Spartacus’ second season

The Rest:

The Defenders 8:00 on CBS – A man returns to Vegas 17 years after he skipped out on murder charges.

Supernanny 8:00 on ABC – Last chance to relish in Jo’s mad rearing skillz.

Who Do You Think You Are? 8:00 on NBC – Desperate Housewives’ Vanessa Williams discovers her roots.

Kitchen Nightmares 8:00 on FOX – Watch Ramsey make hardworking American feel bad for their failings.

Smallville 8:00 on CW- Screw this. News of The Tudor’s Henry Cavill nabbing the lead role in Zach Snyder’ (Watchmen) Superman is spreading like wildfire and I’m mega excited. Brits are better than Americans at playing superheroes. Look at Christian Bale.

The Ricky Gervais Show 9:00 on HBO – This is like masturbation for him.

Dateline NBC 9:00 on NBC – To catch a predator…

What Would You Do? 9:00 on ABC – Like Punk’d but with a lesson at the end.

Real Time With Bill Maher 10:00 on HBO – Pompous liberal jack-ass. WHOM I LOVE.

CSI:NY 10:00 on CBS – Mac and co solve the mystery of a drowned tractor trailer and it’s mysterious passengers.

The Soup 10:00 on E! – McHale was great on the D&D Community last night. Like acting great. I know right?

Merlin 10:00 on Syfy – It was nice to see the geeks on the Big Bang Theory making fun of Syfy’s new stupid name. Seefee. HA!

Onion News Network 10:00 on IFC – Super darn funny.

Portlandia 10:30 on IFC – Too hip for me I guess. Jokes, never seen it. Maybe I’ll czech it out this week.

Are you a friday TV watcher? Missing the void left by Medium already?


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