Almost Cancelled?

NBC leave Chase and The Cape hanging by a thread.

In what are sure to be mortal wounds from which they likely won’t recover, NBC has dealt both The Cape and Chase devastating blows.

Chase, which premiered in the fall on mondays, was picked up for a full 22 episode season on Oct. 19th. It stumbled in the ratings and on Dec 3, NBC cut the order from 22 to 18.

Well news comes today that NBC, in light of Minute To Win It’s obliteration of the competition this week, they’ve permanently pulled Chase from their schedule. Harry’s Law, which premiered 3 weeks ago in Chase’s original slot has been doing very well – but it comes against new episodes of both Hawaii 5-O and Castle next week so we’ll se how it holds up.

The Cape has dropped in viewers consistently each week, it premiered to 8.3 million viewers and it’s most recent episode had an abysmal 5.3 – it makes sense that NBC cut the escapist action series episode order from 13 to 10. What this really means is the NBC halted production because the order came as the Cape finished filming it’s 10th episode, which likely means the 10th episode will be the season and series finale will not have a resolution. Which means poor eyeliner obsessed Vince Faraday/The Cape probably wont reunite with his wife and son. What a curly haired failure.

It looks very, very likely that neither series will see a second season.

Will anyone out there miss either of these series?



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