What’s On: The First Thursday of Sweeps

Sweeps is upon us children, and this, the magical first thursday of sweeps brings us some very fine fruit. I will delay your joy no longer kids, here are our recommendations for tonight, February 3, 2011.


Community “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” 8:00 on NBC

We’ve been hearing word of the special dungeons and dragons episode for months now, how it’ll be this season’s answer to the legendary paintball episode Modern Warfare. I’m really looking forward to it and trying not to inflate my expectations. About you ask? The gang begins to worry about Greendale loner Fat Neil (“Neil’s okay“) and invite him to play D&D with them but they however do not include Pierce who takes that really poorly and plans their destruction. Sounds great, check the promo!

The Big Bang Theory “The Thespian Catalyst” 8:00 on CBS

It’s a Shenny episode. They are by far my favourite paining among the cast. It worked hilariously when he had to drive her to the hospital, built her an app, made pennyblossoms. Whatever the situation that the producers and writers throw at Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons they’re game. Tonight has Sheldon going to Penny for acting lessons to help pepper up his classes when he’s called boring. An example of the classic sitcom structure that still works.

The Vampire Diaries “Daddy Issues” 8:00 on CW

VD has been a mixed bag this year, quality wise it’s been a little all over the map but the characters are still interesting enough and both of the ongoing plots involving the wolves and vamps will soon converge and will make for some very awesome TV. Tonight’s episode was written by Series creators and exec producers Kevin WIlliamson and Julia Plec so mos def gonna be in the upper echelon of VD and with David Anders (Alias, Heroes) returning as the morally ambiguous Uncle John it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Grey’s Anatomy “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)” 9:00 on ABC

Rachael Taylor, the Transformers actress who was just hired as one third of the new Charlie’s Angels, guest stars tonight as Callie’s OBGYN who she drives crazy. Elsewhere, Derek picks Karev to be his No. 2 on his Alzheimer’s project which pisses of Meredith. Tonight’s episode, which also guest stars Lost’s L. Scott Caldwell was directed by castmember Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt)

CSI “The Two Mrs. Grissoms” 9:00 on CBS

I’ll be tuning in tonight to see William Peterson return to CSI! The episode has Sarah investigating a murder at a convention for the deaf and encountering her mother-in-law (Guest star Phyllis Frelich). Odds are the murderer is guest star Marlee Matlin. FUN FACT: Matlin and Frelich, two of America’s foremost deaf actresses, won awards for the same hearing impaired role, Sarah Norman from Children of a Lesser God. Matlin won the oscar for the 1986 film and Frelich, for whom the play was written, won a tony in 1980. I love me some Grissom.

Bones “The Sin in the Sisterhood” 9:00 on FOX

Bones went to the Jersey Shore and now they head to Sister Wives. Bones investigates the world of Polygamist marriage in an episode that will surely have Bones as Booth once; “Why can’t you be with Hannah AND Me?” Aww poor Tempy!

Parks & Recreation “Time Capsule” 9:30 on NBC

Leslie tries to make a time capsule but Vampire obsessed guest star Will Forte gives her some trouble. Last week’s Flu episode was so great, I just replay Rob Lowe telling himself to “Stop Pooping” and I can’t help but agree with April that lst week “I have never liked Ann more” Rashida Jones, who’s always stuck being the Margaret Dumont to the rest of the cast’s Marx Bros. No promo this week, just an 8 MINUTE GAG REEL

30 Rock “¡QUÉ SORPRESA!” 10:00 on NBC

Liz tries to help a very pregnant Avery (guest star Elizabeth Banks) hide her pregnancy from a very competitive co-worker Carmen Chao (guest star Vanessa Minnillo) and Jack seeks to impress the owner of Kabletown. Don’t have a promo, just a pic of Banks and Minnillo. But those foxy ladies will do just fine.

The Lowlights:

American Idol 8:00 on FOX – I did not get why the apology was up last night… am I alone? Tonight Idol heads to LA.

Wipeout 8:00 on ABC – Nope.

Shit My Dad Says 8:30 on CBS – No.

Perfect Couples 8:30 on NBC – Last chance to make me giggle. But damn I like that cast.

Nikita 9:00 on CW – I’m so behind. Tonight Alex’s first assignment is to assassinate the king of Georgia.

Royal Pains 9:00 on USA – Doesn’t Mark Fueurstein look really thin? Like almost gaunt?

The Office 9:00 on NBC – Amy Ryan’s Holly searches for a missing Michael with Erin and Dwight.

Private Practice 10:00 on ABC – Once a cheater, always a cheater, right Addison? RIGHT?

The Mentalist 10:00 on CBS – Jane and a few people are held hostage by a mad man. Can Jane just hypnotize him and end this in a minute? And boy what hair he has…. swoon….

Fairly Legal 10:00 on USA – I actually like this quirky drama, Sarah Shahi is super cute as Kate the lawyer-turned-mediator.

Jersey Shore 10:00 on MTV – What new crisis will befall the housemates this week?

Archer 10:00 on FX – How amazing was the premiere? Best spy show since Alias

Outsourced 10:30 on NBC – I’d say No, but you’re not watching anyways.

WOW. Jam packed evening. What’s on your platter for the night? Me, I’m most excited for Community – and tomorrow’s new Fringe!


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