One Week Reminder!


It was two days ago that season one of FX’s Elmore Leonard inspired action/drama came from on Blu-ray and a tear was brought to my eye, and my anticipation for season 2 ramped up hard. The new posters for Justified’s season 2 are totally kick ass, in a really seething under the charming surface way. More below Given’s snarl…

I am so excited for Justified’s second season, which features Jeremy Davies (Lost’s jittery physicist/scene stealer Daniel Faraday) Brad William Henke (also from Lost, but was introduced after Davies left) and Margo Martindale (Dexter) as the Bennetts, a family from Raylan’s past, and also the biggest pot farmers in Kentucky. Also look for Boyd Crowder (the promoted to series regular and delightfully creepy Walton Goggins, late of the Shield) to toe the line between friend and foe. Mostly, I’m excited for Timothy Olyphant is one of the most exciting, funny and dangerous actors on television. Check out the promo for season two. Davies looks totally frightning, and Givens looks properly hatted and ready for action.


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