Parenthood Recap!!!

“I know what an Edible Complex is. Hehe”

Parenthood gave us LARGE doses of everything that make this show great in a both hilarious and touching episode that featured mainly the adults and let series anchor Peter Krause have some fun and remind us why he is rightfully the anchor. It was a perfect hour that could pass as a mastercraft class in the series signature semi-improvised style. Let’s take a minute to go through all the wonderful divisibles of “A House Divided”

The episode’s title refers to Adam (Krause) and Christina (Monica Potter), and them having their first fundamental parenting disagreement. Haddie (sarah Ramos) has moved out into her grandparent’s house in protest; her parents wont allow her to date Alex, an older, recovering alcoholic, with his own apartment. With this hanging over the Bravermans head’s as the episode began it was clear which events would take the precedence in the episode; Adam and Christina’s struggle and it’s effects on the family, Julia’s (Erika Christensen) bachelorette party for Jasmine (Joy Bryant), and Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) taking his grandson Max (Max Burkholder).

I must give mad props to Monica Potter again, who continues to kick ass and take names in TV most thankless role. She never gets to make the easy decision, she’s too tightly wound – and as much as you want to disagree with her, you can’t – because deep down you know she’s probably right. Her interactions with Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) who she sort of blames for Haddie’s behavior, were some of the most awkward and well staged scenes, reminiscent of Christopher Guest. Christina’s scared, and it doesn’t help that Adam is ready to throw in the towel, he likes Alex – and he’s not wrong either; Alex is polite and a strong person. In the end we learned Christina’s motivation, her mother ran off and got married at 16 and “he made her miserable every day of her life.” A lot of actress resent hving to enter the “mother” phase of their career, Potter is thriving in it.

Julia’s “bachelorette party”, which was just the Braverman women welcoming Jasmine to their clan, was fantastic; Christensen made use of her vast array of wacky faces arming the Type-A Julia, who was at her funniest last night, with some great hosting moments; forcing the discussion game was particularly funny.

Adam had to stop at work to see his new young pothead boss, Cory (Anthony Carrigan) and hear his new boss’ new vision for the company that he helped create. Cory had covered his office in hieroglyphics and drawings that reminded me of Jacob’s cave on Lost, he took Adam on a journey through his art, giving him a lollipop, which he slyly calls an edible.

It takes Crosby less than one minute to know that Adam’s boss drugged him and that Adam was high off his ass. The boys crashed Jasmine’s party, where high Adam became the center of attention and and brought out the funniest in his sisters. I was dying of laughter, this ensemble of adults really acts like a family and families more often than not are funny.

The mood changed in an instant as Adam got a call from Zeek, who had more than his hands full with Max on a camping trip, Max had had enough – he wanted to go home. Adam probably shouldn’t have taken the phone – but he did, and suddenly the hour went from incredibly hilarious to incredibly touching – Max’s problem seemed to semi-snap Adam out just enough to convince Max to stay and bring a tear to my eye.

This was definitely the best hour since Thanksgiving and probably the funniest. The Braverman’s are at they’re best when they’re mixing improv-style comedy with the issues and intricacies of their interpersonal relationships. What did you guy’s think of last night’s episode? Wish there were more of the talented Braverman kids?


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