What’s On: Sheen-free Monday

With Charlie Sheen in rehab and 2 and 1/2 Men on indefinite hiatus, another series, hopefully not one drenched in raunch aiming at the most basest laughs, will emerge as Monday’s most watched and top series, I have a feeling NBC’s slate might be the surprise winner. It looks like it’s going to be a sweet monday. All the nets (minus CBS) are new tonight and Lie To Me is airing it’s season and possibly series finale. It and few others are out recommendations for tonight, Monday January 31 2011.

The Highs:

Human Target “Kill Bob” 8:00 on FOX

I’m a few behind, but one of the joys of Human Target is that I can watch tonight’s episode without worrying about missing crucial information. It’s detractors are still mourning the loss of the boy’s club, but I relish them (well more Pucci than Ames, but Ames doesn’t make it worse). Human Target is one of the lower rated series on FOX, so watch it while you can. Tonight, a man suspects his wife (Lauren German, Happy Town and Hostel 2) is really a Russian spy assigned to kill him and enlists Chance & co’s aid.

90210 “It’s Getting Hot in Here” 8:00 on CW

Adrianna, Silver, Nay Nay and Annie head to Ojai for a meditation weekend and Annie forced to bring along cousin Emily. Emily shows her true colours as a complete sociopath. Love it.


Lie To Me “Killer App” 9:00 on FOX

I love Lie To Me. I will be immensely sad to see it go if this is in fact it’s last episode. I imagine it’s not the most expensive series to produce. If one truly wants to see Glee on TV, look no further than Tim Roth’s Gleefully randy performance. In tonight’s finale one of Foster’s patients turns up dead after fearing being squeezed out by her business parter (Nikita’s Ashton Holmes).

Harry’s Law “Innocent Man” 10:00 on NBC

I actually like Harry’s law. Like Lifetime’s cute Drop Dead Diva, Harry’s Law doesn’t take itself seriously. Less preachy and lighter than Kelley’s The Practice or Boston Legal. It has more of Ally McBeal’s vibe, except slightly more urban. Check out the promo for  tonight’s episode which features guests Steve Harris (Eugene Young from The Practice) and Margo Martindale, who’s about to recur as the big bad on Justified’s season 2.

The Lows:

Pretty Little Liars 8:00 on ABC Family – Spencer turns to Ali’s brother Jason find out more information regarding her murder. Emily contends with a  swimming rival named Paige, played by guest star Lindsey Shaw who starred and kicked ass on ABC Family’s recently cancelled series 10 Things I Hate about you.

The Bachelor 8:00 on ABC – Brad Womack sluts it up.

Chuck 8:00 on NBC – Unsure of the back 9 pick-up Chuck’s 4th season was intended to end with tonight’s episode. Id did get the back nine pick up, so tonight only brings the end of the current arc. Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton guest star in an episode creator Josh Schwartz boasts will end with “best 10 minutes in the show’s history” Big statement.

The Cape 9:00 on NBC – Is Dorian Missick’s (right)  character supposed to be good or bad. I can’t tell and it’s hard on my noggin, so instead i just stare at Summer Glau and enjoy the escapism, adventure and the Richard Schiff guest spots.

Greek 9:00 on ABC Family – Antepenultimate Greek! Cappie throws a homecoming party!

Gossip Girl 9:00 on CW – It’s DAN vs. BLAIR Also Bass Industries’ future is on the rocks as Russell Thorpe (Michael Boatman) and his daughter Raina (Tika Sumpter) stick around to make life hell.

Skins 10:00 on MTV – The second episode focusing on the only original character, Tea who replaced Maxxie. It felt kinda wrong and dirty, which I get is Skins’ appeal but still it makes me uneasy. Tonight, for those who care, is about Chris, the care free party dude.

Being Human 10:00 on Syfy – The hair/wig that Mark Pellegrino (Lost island magnate, Jacob) has to wear makes him look so ridiculous. Just because that hair style made Jason Watkins an unassuming threat in the original doesn’t mean it translates to America. Not bad casting – just really bad hair-  maybe even worse than JJ from No Ordinary Family.

Who’s shag is worse for you?

Check back soon for more TV juiciness!


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