Jesse Eisenberg and Nikki Minaj make their debuts on 8H

Freshly minted Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg is hosting SNL for the first time. He worked with castmembers Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig in 2009’s Adventureland, so it’ll be nice to have a little reunion. I’m occasionally a fan of Eisenberg’s, loved him in Zombieland and The Social Network, hated him in Cursed and Adventureland. I hope he’s versatile enough to make a good host – I’m cautiously optimistic!

Platinum selling recording artist Nikki Minaj who’s 2010 album Pink Friday was released at the end of 2010 to great reviews and massive sales also makes her debut tonight. I’m a big Minaj fan, I love the clarity in her voice’s tone. I hope she pops up in a sketch or two.

I’m hoping to see Eisenberg go a little wacky, maybe play a lady. Check out tonight’s promos.

and check out Minaj in action.

The last Gwyne-fied epsiode was a mixed bag with some hearty chuckles:

Like her addition to Garth and Kit.

The previews from Victorian England theatre were absurdly wacky.

And she completely overshadowed Kristen Wiig doing a sort of Kitty Carlisle impression as a socialite/columnist on the 60’s gameshow parody Secret Word. Absolutely hilarious. Game Butler.

But the night also had moments that fell completely flat. Like the skit-intro for Cee Lo in which Gwyneth and co. played record execs replacing the word Fuck with Forget, like the watered down version of Green’s song. It was incredibly weak. See for yourself.

The highlight of the night for me was a skit in which a kid at a bar-mitzvah, Jacob (featured player Vanessa Bayer) who’s uncle is a music big shot and a parade of celebs are going to sing their hits with a “Bar-Mitzvah twist”. Paltrow played Taylor Swift, Jay Pharoah showed his uncanny Jay-Z impression with Nasim Pedrad as Alicia Keys, Abby Elliot as Katy Perry and Cee-Lo as himself. It was a decent sketch, but the standout was Bayer as the 13 year old Jacob. She was incredible, I could gush for hours or post the clip. So here’s the clip

What’d you think? Is Bayer a star  or what?


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