Hired!/(sorta) Rehired!

Ana De La Garza heads to the City of Angels

Alana De La Garza who starred on Law & Order’s last 4 seasons as ADA Consuela ‘Connie’ Rubirosa has been rehired by the franchise to fill the void left vacant with L&O:LA’s recent cast switcheroo.

Prior to the change, there were two sets of ADA’s that rotated each episode, one lead by Alfred Molina and one lead by Terence Howard. NBC sacked their second chairs and one of a cop a few weeks ago. Molina, who’s character Ricardo Morales used to be a cop, will become fed up with the justice system and will return to the force, where he’ll be partnered with the remaining Corey Stoll. De La Garza’s Rubirosa is going to be partnered with Howard’s Jonah Dekker.

I think this is kinda cool, but I’m a big TV geek. What say you? Is Rubirosa going to be welcomed LOLA fans? If you haven’t seen her before check her out in a clip below.


Bones Spin-Off Finds Stars

Geoff Stults, from 7th Heaven October Road and last summer’s Happy Town, has nabbed the lead in the potential Bones spinoff. The role of THE LOCATOR, Walter Sherman. Sherman is a character from a series of Locator novels by Richard Greener. In the Bones world, Sherman will be a former military policeman who served with Booth in Iraq. Fox says he’s “skeptical of every statement” and prone to asking “offensive, seemingly irrelevant questions, which, oddly enough, turn out to be extremely relevant.” The character will debut in a may episode which takes Brennan and Booth to Florida where the series will be set. Earlier this week, Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan was cast as The Locator’s partner Leo. It’s fair to assume that Locator will have a Bones-ish vibe, and with that in mind the casting is really exciting for me. Stults was a great lead in the shitty Happy Town, and was a funny guy’s guy in last year’s movie, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Duncan is also always game for a fun and I think he’ll be right at home in Bones’ world.


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