Charlie’s Angels 3.0 – HIRED!!!

There has been a lot of casting news as it’s currently Pilot season, lots of series are being talked about (like the Sarah Michelle Gellar mystery series called: The Ringer) and one that’s garnering a lot of attention is the third incarnation of Charlie’s Angels (after the original series and the films – Angels ’88 does not count – I’m looking at you Tea Leoni), which has a greenlight from ABC. Charlie is being played by Dr. Evil’s Number Two, Robert Wagner and a few days ago it was announced that General Hospital alumna Annie Ilonzeh above right) was cast as the serious one, an ex-cop and martial arts master.

Today brings momentous news that makes me very happy both in my heart and in my pants. Minka Kelly (above left) was cast in the reboot as a former US Marine, weapons expert and – get this – a neat freak. Minka Kelly is super talented and since her FNL departure she hasn’t found the right TV project. The promising CW pilot The Body Politic, about young staffers in DC, starred Kelly alongside Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars), got canned in favor of the likes of the Melrose Place remake and TBL:The Beautiful Life.

Also cast as Abby, the third and youngest of the Angels, was Rachael Taylor (above center). She played the super-hot signals analyst from Transformers. Abby is the daughter of a wall street criminal, a con artist and a krav maga expert.

I like it already.


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