What’s On: Naomi Clark is Back Monday!

What up nerds! The CW is back tonight and I am gonna pish! it may be snowing outside like the dickens, but I’m holed up in my TV cave bringing you the haps for this snow monday. I’ve broken it down by the networks, who seem to have little monday night themes going on. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Monday January 24 2011.



90210 “Liars” 8:00

The new and possibly permanent cousin Emily

NAY-NAY IS BACK BABY! and damn I feel good. Last year we had to wait till close to the end of March. December left us with a cliffhanger of Mr. Cannon (guest Hal Oszan) lurking in the bushes, I imagine he’ll strike tonight. In other news Annie and Dixon’s cousin Emily (relative newcomer Abbie Cobb, right) comes for an extended stay, she’s on board for a large chunk of the rest of the season (7 or 8 eps), hope she’s not completely terrible.

Gossip Girl “The Kids Are Not Alright” 9:00

Tika Sumpter invades the Upper East Side

The revelation of Lily Bass as an antagonist sits very well with me, she (and fantastic portrayer Kelly Rutherford) are a perfect example of how to make use of a parent on a teen/young adult series – Lily is a fully realized character unlike Rufus Humphrey who remains one of the worst examples of how to use a parent on a teen series. Like 90210, the new year brings a new face to the upper east side too; Raina Thorpe (played by soap actress Tika Sumpter). She’s the daughter of Russel Thorpe (Michael Boatman, Julius Cain on The Good Wife), an old business associate of Chuck’s father. Dont know how long they’re sticking around for but it’ll be nice to see a little colour on the UES.


House “Carrot or Stick” 8:00

A nudie pic of Chase is posted on Facebook. House tries to help Rachel get into a prestigious school. Oh.. medical problem you ask? Right it’s something about a drill instructor (Sasha Roiz, Sam Adama on Caprica). Check out the clip below and follow the video to FOX’s youtube page for more clips.

Lie To Me “Gone” 9:00

This is the second last episode of the season and possibly the series. Lie To Me is one those On-The-Bubble series, and it’s situation just got worse as Fringe performed very well on in the Friday night death slot. Tonight is about a mother (Kathleen Rose Perkins, who’s hilarious on Showtime’s Episodes) who’s baby disappears while she’s in the store. Lightman will catch her in a lie or seventy by the end of the hour.

The Rest:


Chuck 8:00 – Sarah Conner, the original, guest star tonight as Chuck’s mom. I love me my Linda Hamilton, be it as weed dealer or spy, I love me my Linda Hamilton.

The Cape 9:00 – Vince faces a moral dilemma when he learns Max and his carnie gang are planning a train heist. Really Vince? He gave you the Cape and you’re not gonna let him rob a train? Ass.

Harry’s Law 10:00 – I really enjoyed the premiere, I definitely have a soft spot for David E. Kelley’s style of legal dramedy, but Harry’ s Law has a small core cast; Rob Corrdray seems in his element, he shined with Aaron Sorkin on his breath on Studio 60 and Kelley’s distinct voice suits him well. Brittany Snow seems happy in a supporting role; Jenna is delightfully peppy – it may become obnoxious, but Snow is capable of doing good with obnoxious, look at Hairspray. And Kathy Bates seems at home too, the Oscar winner gets to play wacky (think Dr. Lightman) and looks like she’s having a lot of fun. It might not last very long, but while it’s here check it out. Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore) guest stars tonight.


The Bachelor 8:00 – One of the Bachelorettes wakes up with a black eye. Has she been sleeping with known sleep-fighter Ron Swanson?

Castle 10:00 – Tonight’s episode will likely dispense with the usual nuttiness as it focuses on Beckett’s mother’s murder. What we’ll probably get are some great scenes between the talented leads.


Pretty Little Liars 8:00 – The girls continue to hunt for A who taunts Hanna. Love the teen juice-fest tonight.

Greek 9:00 – Tonight is all about the Beaver (Aaron Hill) as he forms a study group with Casey and Katherine to write a paper.


Skins 10:00 on MTV – Skins has been getting a lot of press with advertisers pulling out faster than teen without a condom. I thought I would hate the remake, which airs in Canada on TMN uncensored, because of my deep love for the original. But I kinda enjoyed this redo – it was like watching one of my favorite plays done by a different director – I guess there’s been enough space between the original and the remake for me. I don’t know If i’m in for the long haul (SPOILER ALERT – I don’t think I can watch Chris die, again END SPOILERS) but I’m down for tonight!

Being Human 10:00 on Syfy – This I didn’t like as much, it’s all a matter of casting. Meaghan Rath is no Lenore Critchlow. Not that she’s bad per se, but the joy of Annie (os Sally in the remake) in the British original is her bubbly glow, she’s the kinda character you can fall in love with (like Claire Cleary played by Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers). She’s adorable, accessible and was the perfect lightness to counter the series’ darkness and Rath’s Sally doesn’t hold up. Witwer, who last week I said “couldn’t bring life to the screen like … Aiden Turner”, and while he’s not perfect, he’s much better than I thought he’d be, actually it’s not bad casting. Huntington as George is perfect. Enjoy it if you’ve never seen the original, but I’d reccommend watching the original.

Where are your affections heading tonight? Check back tomorrow for recaps!


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