What’s On: Death Slot Friday!

Hello friends! Did you all have a good night? I passed out early and forgot to DVR Jersey Shore so I’m like basically dead inside (it’s on in an hour so I can put the razor away… for now). The glorious return of Parks and Recreation and especially funny outings for 30 Rock and The Office made it an especially wonderful evening – but this is about tonight, Death Slot friday. Just to be clear, friday isn’t a death slot for every series, just for FOX. Let’s take a look at FOX’s friday track record:

Moved to friday and died: The Lone Gunman, Dark Angel, Fastlane, Wanda at Large, Boston Public, Malcolm in the Middle, Bernie Mac Show, Prison Break, Justice, Vanished, ‘Til Death, Standoff, Canterbury’s Law, Terminator:TSCC, Dollhouse, Past Life, The Good Guys.

Born on friday and died: Brimstome, Pasadena, John Doe, Wonderfalls, The Wedding Bells, Nashville & Firefly, which brings us to…

Fringe “Firefly” (Hehe) 9:00 on FOX

I have this feeling that Fringe is gonna soar on Fridays. There’s definitely a genre audience out there, Supernatural and Smallville are proof of that, hell the X-Files premiered and flourished on friday. And if any series has a chance it’s Fringe, it garnered critical acclaim for last season, and it’s third season has been out of this world. Tonight’s Observer-centric episode guests Christopher Lloyd (who rocked it in Piranha 3D) as a member of Walter’s favorite band. You know, as much as I love Human Target and Lie To Me (also on FOX’ s cutting board), I’d give both their lives to save Fringe.

Series Finale Alert!

Medium “Me Without You” 8:00 on CBS

Medium was supposed to die after it’s 5th season on NBC, but CBS revived it so that it may live another two seasons and now in early 2011 – Medium is finally ending. Medium was never really the flashiest show, it had no young hotties and was at it’s core a family show. With the talented cast and a creator like Glenn Gordon Caron (creator of super-hit Moonlighting) it’s no wonder why it lasted this long.

The Rest:

Supernanny 8:00 on ABC – Jo Frost beats a kid to death tonight. No seriously. Fine I’m kidding, but imagine?!?!

Minute to Win It 8:00 on NBC – Saw this for the first time a few days ago, terrible host aside, it’s kinda entertaining.

Kitchen Nightmares 8:00 on FOX – Gordon Ramsey has three shows on Fox and routinely joins Rupert Murdoch for money swimming Scrooge McDuck style.

Dateline 9:00 on NBC – Watch creeps get caught.

What Would You Do? 9:00 on ABC – What would YOU do?

20/20 10:00 on ABC – I miss Baba Wawa and Hugh Downs.

You should all be watching Fringe. There I said it. Truthbomb – and now we all have to deal. You in?




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