What’s On: Tuesday 10PM Time Slot Rumble Edish!

Hey! I’m still plowing through my DVR to finish last night’s serving of fresh hot TV. I’m halfway through Jersey Shore (sorry for forgetting to include it yesterday – but i’l be on again and again, I’m sure) and just finished Harry’s Law; which I kinda dug – but I’m a sucker for teen shows and David E. Kelley legal series. Last week FX’s Light’s out premiered to meek ratings, the next day at the TCA press tour John Landgraf blamed the time slot’s tough competition on Light’s Out’s disappointing return. Let’s take a look at the crowded slot in our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday January 18th, 2011.

10:00 PM Ratings Battle:

The Good Wife “Two Courts” 10:00 on CBS

The Good Wife is easily my favorite of the night, and I’m not the only one, it’s the ratings winner of the slot. Each episode is more twisty and intense than the one before. I rather oddly enjoyed Leelee Sobieski in the last episode and tonight has Will (Josh Charles) hiring a jury consultant when he thinks he’s getting treated unfairly by a judge. Poor Will, just last week he found out Diane (Christine Baranski) was going behind his back and starting a new law firm with Julius Cain (Michael Boatman, China Beach and Spin City) and David Lee (Zach Grenier, Deadwood and 24). Love. It.

Parenthood “Opening Night” 10:00 on NBC

Parenthood may not have been renewed yet, but this is as close as it comes to prestige for NBC’s dramas right now and I think they’ll want to hold on to it. I really love where it’s been going. Hattie falling for the emancipated older recovering alcoholic volunteer has been gold for a young talented actress like Sarah Ramos. Monica Potter continues to shine in TV’s most thankless role, her You-cant-date-him-but-dont-hate-me speech was brilliant. I’m also really enjoying Lauren Graham’s Gilmore-esque performance and Peter Krause’s consistent and anchored Adam.

Detriot 187 “Road to Nowhere” 10:00 on ABC

This on-the-bubble series apparently doesn’t have quality issues (it scores generally favorable reviews on Metacritic) but with nothing that makes it standout from the above-average cop series (like say, cable competitor Southland) it lacks in the ratings. I love the cast, and look forward to Michael Imperioli finding the right vehicle for his talent (ABC’s Life On Mars was also a bust). Tonight has his character becoming the prime suspect in a philanthropist’s murder.

Lights Out “Cake Walk” 10:00 on FX

If the Terriers-like ratings continue it’s ll be a short life for this critical darling. I’m reserving my judgment till I’ve seen where its going plot wise this season, but it seems that people just dont want a bummer of a series – especially in winter, when seasonal depression runs rampant. Personally I hope this makes it, it has potential. Tonight, Leary contends with a less than happy family and begins working for a shady loan shark Hal Brennan (guest star Bill Irwin; Rachel’s Getting Married).

SouthLAnd “Discretion” 10:00 on TNT

Ratings are also abysmal for Southland, but Southland has a grittiness perfect suited for TNT, and it also has a stellar cast. Ben McKenzie is doing way more than grunting and brooding here, he’s the star, but this time he gets to have the fun. Regina King, Shawn Hatosy, Michael Cudlitz, and Tom Everett Scott give 110% every week.

The Game “The Confession Episode” 10:00 on BET

Cancelled by the CW in 2009 when they decided that they “weren’t in the comedy business.” It was resurrected by BET and last week, aired it’s first episode in two years to astonishing ratings, nearly 8 million people tuned in to see the return of Tia Mowry, Wendy Raquel Robinson & Coby Bell (who now does double duty as a regular on The Game and Burn Notice), which is probably better than they did on the CW.

Glory Daze “Some Like It Hot Tub” 10:00 on TBS

I’ve never seen this – in fact I had to read the synopsis and watch a trailer to even know what it was about – shameful I know. But this actually looks worth trying for an episode or two. It’s ratings are lower than an average Conan episode, the verdict isn’t in yet on renewal. I’m so ashamed I didn’t know Tim Meadows was back on TV.

Teen Mom 2 “Episode 2” 10:00 on MTV

My friend Jenn swears by Teen Mom. Says it’s like crack. 3.6 million Americans seem to agree. FX said Teen Mom took a chunk of Lights Out’s audience. Really FX? You think there’s a lot of crossover there? Really?

Tosh.0 “Episode 2 – Brian Atene” 10:00 on Comedy Central

I like Daniel Tosh and his brand of mockery. his third season return netted record ratings for his show (approx. 3.5 million viewers) which has climbed in numbers since it’s start. Tonight Tosh takes on Brian Atene who’s audition for Full Metal Jacket has been making the rounds on the interweb. Check it out so you can feel cool when you watch tonight;

White Collar “Burke’s Seven” 10:00 on USA

We last left off with an international assassin shooting Mozzie (Willie Garson; Stanford Blanch from Sex in the City) and after a 4 month hiatus White Collar is back with the second half of it’s second season. It’ll be interesting to see where this fits in ratings wise in the jam packed time slot. Tonight guest stars Hilarie Burton and Sharif Atkins as Peter and Neal gather everyone they can to get the man who shot Mozzie, Julian Larsson (guest star Paul Blackthorne).

Well that’s the 10PM crunch, where are your attentions going to be drawn.

the REST:

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – TV legend Bob Newhart plays the brilliant Dr. Magnus and helps solve the mystery of a naval recruiter’s murder.

No Ordinary Family 8:00 on ABC – I broke up with this show because it sucks and I urge you to do the same. Just so, so bad.

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – I am f’n in love with Courtney hardcore y’all. She is so frikkin cute.


Life UneXpected 8:00 to 10:00 on the CW – I watched the first few episodes of this series and it didn’t quite click with me. I like the cast, but found the dialogue and the cloying editing and direction too much to handle. Those who love it, love it hard and I know why; it’s incredibly charming and lead Britt Robertson is a real find, it’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here.

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – The team tries to find someone who leaked a pentagon document. How very current.

Million Dollar Money Drop 9:00 on FOX – No I most certainly will not.

V 9:00 on ABC – Rekha Sharma plays another character (the first being Tory Foster from Battlestar Galactica) who is a bad guy in disguise – and tonight she discovers that Erica is 5th column and its a race for her life before she can get to Anna.

Whew… that was a lot of shows to go through. I’m still most excited for the Good Wife. What’ll you guys be watching?



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