What’s On: Robot Wednesday

Good Morning Robots! I hope you had a good night’s recharging and are oiled up and ready to go. You’re gonna need to be oiled up because – AMERICAN IDOL comes back tonight. But no not the real American Idol, but some deformed misshapen cousin – but still it needs to be seen, at least once. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday January 19, 2011.

The Best:

American Idol Season 10 Premiere! 8:00 on FOX

As I mentioned above the weird, deformed cousin of American Idol premieres tonight. Jennifer Lopez (the real one, not Cartman’s hand), Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson take the stage tonight. Early word is that Tyler is the loopy judge and there is no mean judge. I miss Simon already. I have a feeling this will be one of those seasons where I just watch the auditions…aw who am I kidding.

Criminal Minds “Corazon” 9:00 on CBS

The BAU hunts a ritualistic killer in hot and sexy Miami. Just to let y’all know, this is a Dr. Reed episode! His traumatic past comes back to haunt him (maybe even a Jane Lynch cameo as his mom) I love Dr. Reed, he is the absolute best on the show and his new Patrick Jane-style hair coif. Ashley Seaver (Rachel Nichols) is still around, which is cool by me. I hope she has the time to do this and GI Joe 2 – which she better do, she made a great scarlet.

Blue Bloods “Little Fish” 10:00 on CBS

Blue Bloods is damn fine TV. I initially had bad feelings because of the backstage badness that erupted around Tom Selleck and producers re his characters’ direction but Blue Bloods is a consistent thrill and the family dinner scenes are some of the best family scenes on TV. Tonight has Danny and Jackie (my fave partners on a Cop show) solving the murder of a high class escort found in the river.

Hot in Cleveland “Free Elka” 10:00 on TVLand

I still don’t understand how Hot in Cleveland became the massive hit it is, but I guess there is a niche for an old school style comedy – no wonder 2 and a Half Men does so well. The girls try to raise money to pay for Elka’s bail.

Series Premiere Alert!

Retired at 35 “Pilot” 10:30 on TVLand

TVLand’s second foray into original scripted programming stars TV Legends Jessica Walter (doing double duty with this and FX’s Archer, also of Arrested Development & 90210) and George Segal (Just Shoot Me) as parents of a 35 year old who upon losing his job, moves back in with them. Sounds right up they’re alley.

The Rest:

The Middle 8:00 on ABC – The Heck kids are some of the best kids on TV, i wish more people knew about them.

Live to Dance 8:00 on CBS – Paula vs. American Idol … .. . I wonder who will win?

Better Than You 8:30 on ABC – Reba alum Joanna Garcia is so adorable. Privileged was good.

Modern Family 9:00 on ABC – The kids walk in on Phil & Claire having sex. Brilliant. Sounds like a DVR keeper.

Chase 9:00 on NBC – Run Annie Run.

Cougar Town 9:30 on ABC – Last week’s interrupted episode. I saw it, it’s a goodie.

Off The Map 10:00 on ABC – Hot mess. Just bad.

Law & Order:SVU 10:00 on NBC – Stabler and Benson go to White Haven.

Top Chef: All Stars 10:00 on Bravo – This season has been one of my favorite ever. I’m so happy Jamie is fiiiiiinally gone.

Amazing and exciting and supremely robotic, right Droids? Have a great Robot Wednesday and check back soon!


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