What’s On: Thursday

One more week… one more week… one more week… I feel like if I keep saying it, it’ll just happen sooner… somehow. Le sigh. There’s no new Parks and Recreation tonight (not to mention Community, The Office & 30 Rock), in fact there hasn’t been a new Parks & Rec in 8 MONTHS. It’s fine.. it all changes next week. Tonight however, is pretty scant with pretty much everyone still on hiatus but ABC. Talking about ABC – how bad was Off The Map? Sheesh talk about a winning formula gone horribly wrong. Which winning formula? I refer to the first of our recommendations for tonight, Thursday January 13, 2010.

The Best:

Grey’s Anatomy “Start Me Up”  9:00 on ABC

The Shonda-Rhimes-Sexy-Doc formula is going right and strong in Grey’s season 7. Last week’s brought a the victims of a spree shooting to Seattle Grace and with them the catharsis needed to help the docs of SGH deal with their shit. The scene where everyone laughed while watching Christina do surgery was totally forced but a good Susan Ruttan guest star role can make me forget about contrivances. Moving on to tonight, the race for Chief Resident is on! My vote is for Alex, but with Christina in the mix it’s anyone’s game. Tonight also gives a little lovin’ to Bailey and Teddy as Daniel Sunjata (Nurse Eli) and Scott Foley (dying health care guy) guest star.  Promo!

Jersey Shore ‘”It’s Gonna Be An Interesting Summer”10:00 on MTV

How amazing were the last 20 minutes of last weeks premier? How douchy are Sammi and Ron for choosing the upstairs room? How bad do you feel for the Situation in that…situation? How much do you LOVE Deena “I Cant” Cortese? I wonder if the producers knew how palpable the girls hatred towards each other were (I’m sure they did). The trailer for season 3 below contains the highlights from the first episode as well as what are sure to be the highlights of he season. Feast your eyes below!

The Rest:

Wipeout 8:00 on ABC – No.

Private Practice 10:00 on ABC – Apparently Charlotte’s storyline is really compelling. But still, no.

Conan 11:00 on TBS – Now normally I wont have talk show listings, but tonight Conan’s got the whammy with both Ricky Gervais and Kaitlin Olson on tap.

One more week until…

I can’t wait.



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