John Goodman’s gonna do some Damage

John Goodman is going to go heat to head against Glenn Close’s Patty Hewes. He’s been added to the once FX, now DirectTV series as the CEO of a military defense contractor being sued for a wrongful death in a war-zone. If you ask me this is great news, Goodman will be right at home in Damages twisty world, which switched to a got saved by the more more laissez-faire network, DirectTV’s 101. Damages third season, a Madoff-style financial scheme which co-starred Martin Short and Lily Tomlin, was a vast improvement from their scattered oscar-winner-infused (William Hurt & Marcia Gay Harden) energy/stock scandal second season. With three less episodes a season (but longer ad free episodes) the Kessler Bros and Daniel Zelman need a tight and concise narrative for season 4 and I have all the faith in the world they’ll deliver.


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