What’s On: Tuesday

GG’day everyone! Tis a lovely tuesday! And nothing makes a tuesday more lovely than fresh Good Wife. In fact the only thing that could possibly make tuesday better would be the premier of a new FX drama. Oh wait it did! Also good news for fans of Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Life of an American Teenager were renewed by ABC Family and Raising Hope (which isn’t on tonight : ( ) was renewed by FOX. Anyway, here are our recommendations for tonight, Tuesday January 11, 2011.

The Best:

The Good Wife “Breaking Up” 10:00 on CBS

Tonight has Alicia defending a client’s son for murder, watch her get all twisty as she tries to convince him to turn on his co-defendant girlfriend to get the better deal. ALSO – Diane asks Alicia to pick sides in the splitting of Lockhart, Gardner and Bond. The Good Wife is very good at it’s double meaning titles. Scott Porter and Elizabeth Reaser guest star.

Series Premier Alert!!!

Light’s Out “Pilot” 10:00 on FX

This series, about a retired former boxing champ trying to keep his life and family together in the face of poverty, has the potential to be a new long running franchise for FX. It has character, heart, guts, violence (all FX staples) and solid reviews. It stars Holt McCallany as Patrick “Lights” Leary in what is sure to be a breakthrough role. It also stars Catherine McCormack (Braveheart) Bill Irwin (Rachel Getting Married) Reg E. Cathey (Norman Wilson on The Wire), Pablo Schreiber (Liev’s bro and Nick Sobotka from The Wire) and Stacy Keach (Prison Break). It looks so damn good from the minute long trailer below. Can’t wait!

And as if that wasn’t enough, here’s the rest of tonight’s tube:

No Ordinary Family 8:00 on ABC – Last week I DVR’s this forgetting that I’d broken up with it. Took me all of 5 minutes to remember how much I loathe this.

NCIS 8:00 on CBS – NCIS + Coast Guard = good TV? we’ll see…

The Biggest Loser 8:00 on NBC – What have you done today to make you feel proud?

NCIS:LA 9:00 on CBS – The info says tonight deals with “top secret residue” hmmm… gross.

V 9:00 on ABC – Anna battles her mother Diana (guest star and original V queen Jane Balder) and something happens to or about Tyler which I can’t care about. Between Tyler on V and Daphne and JJ on No Ordinary Family, ABC really owns terrible TV kids huh?

Detroit 1-8-7 10:00 on ABC – An ADA gets killed and ruins a party. I hate when that happens, murdered ADA’s are always ruining the best parties.

Southland 10:00 on TNT – Get your Ben Mckenzie fix here.

Parenthood 10:00 on NBC – NBC’s best drama, tonight has Adam adjusting to a new boss at work (Thanks whoever got rid of Billy Baldwin!) and Crosby has some problems when he organizes Jabbar’s school concert.

What are y’all watching tonight? Excited for Light’s Out?



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