What’s On: Monday

Good monday everyone!  I don’t know where you are, but by me the sun is shining so I can’t really complain… about the weather – I CAN however complain about tonight’s TV. Not very much new stuff to feast upon but not nothing. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Monday January 10, 2011

The Best:

Lie To Me “Funhouse”&”Rebound” 8:00 & 9:00 on FOX

Lie to me has a fresh two-parter tonight. Tonight takes Lightman to a mental hospital to examine a patient and he finds himself questioning his own sanity. Lightman remains one of the wildest and most enjoyable characters in prime time. Tonight’s episodes will be fun if nothing else.

Pretty Little Liars “Salt Meets Wound” 8:00 on ABC Family

A ramps up his or her game and continues to haunt our girls. At the same time Aria, Spencer and Emily deal with their romantic lives and Hanna heals in a wheel chair – OOOooohhh I like the thought of Hanna stuck in a chair – Very rear window. Last week’s premier was a solid episode and it featured some great clues – the coolest of which was Alison’s visit to Hanna in the hospital – which I believe WASN’T a hallucination and somehow Alison is still alive and more importantly she is not A “that bitch is getting on my last nerve” It’s as soapy and juicy as ever – Pretty Little Liars is the perfect guilty pleasure.

Like I said above the pickins’ are kinda slim tonight, here’s the rest of what the TV gods have to offer us mortals tonight:

The Bachelor 8:00 on ABC – Girls get superjealous on a group date. Well Duh!

Greek 9:00 on ABC Family – Tonight brings the second of Greek’s last ten episodes which finds the Kappa Taus actually soliciting pledges.. wait what?

Castle 10:00 on ABC – How good was last week’s episode with Laura Prepon? Tonight has Castle and Beckett entering the world of magicians when oen drowns in Houdini’s famous tank.

Men of a Certain Age 10:00 on TNT – It’s a Palm Springs colonoscopy spa weekend for the boys in honor of Terry’s (Scott Bakula) 50th!


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