What’s On: Wednesday

With Human Target and Top Chef getting late starts and Psych getting a late finish, there is actually some high quality new content tonight. Here are our recommendations for tonight, Wednesday December 22 2010.

The Best:

Human Target “The Other Side of the Mall” 8:00 on Fox

The Human Target team goes undercover in a suburb during the holidays to protect a family targeted for … you guessed it! Murder! Come to watch Ames (Janet Montgomery) chaperone a school dance, stay to watch Winston (Chi McBride) join a book club. Check out the extended promo below.


Psych “Yin 3 in 2D” 10:00 on USA

Part 3 of Psych’s Yin and Yang trilogy that began with season 3’s finale An Evening with Mr. Yang, continued in season 4’s finale Mr. Yin Presents, is concluded tonight. A woman (guest star Mena Suvari) is kidnapped by Mr. Yin and in order to find her Shawn and Gus have to play by Mr. Yang’s (Ally Sheedy returning to the role) crazy rules. Jimmi Simpson guest stars in lost video footage as Mary Lightly, a former suspect, killed by Yin in part 2 and Cybill Shepherd guest stars as Shawns mother. Lots of juicy promos!

Top Chef All-Stars “Advantage Chef” 10:00 on Bravo

I am loving this season so much, maybe i’m just a big sucker for All Star seasons – but I think it’s the brilliant casting and creative challenges that is making this season stand out. Rather than a promo I found a youtube video of the entire second episode which has a great challenge and a shocking elimination.

Not that there really is more but here’s the rest anyhow:

Undercovers, 8:00 on NBC – One of network TV’s worst new fall shows runs off it’s last few episodes. This show is just the worst.

Million Dollar Money Drop, 9:00 on FOX – Actually not a terrible concept, and it’s made infinitely better by host Kevin Pollack.

Well that’s all for tonight, I’m looking forward to Top Chef, what about you?

And don’t forget to czech out our Best of 2010 lists.


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