J’s Top 7 TV Villains of 2010

The 2010 TV landscape was rich with villainy. Evil gave good a run for it’s money and we reaped all the benefits. Our favorite heroes had a lot to contend with, and it was such a rich year there’s a lot of nasty people who sadly didn’t make the list; people who force overdose debutantes, dopplegangers from parallel universes and people stuff women in barrels. The people on this list have inflicted the most emotional and physical damage and just f*cked up the worlds of our favourite characters. WARNING this list contains 7 or 8 murderers… OH! and SPOILERS for recent seasons.

7. Boyd Crowder

played by Walton Goggins on FX’s Justified

Despite joining Raylan to battle his Poppa (M.C. Gainey) and Miami drug cartel reps in the finale, Boyd Crowder is scary as hell, the scariest thing about him is that you have no idea what he’s going to do – the only thing that makes him scarier is how convincing his bullshit conversion from insane racist to man of God is. Whether he was blowing up a church or a meth shipment with his handy rocket launcher or robbing banks with his merry band of forest cons, he was always menacing and always scary. Goggins was upgraded to a regular for the second season – thing is, Justified ain’t no buddy cop show. I’m forsee Boyd climbing the list, Man of God or not, he just wont be able to help it.




6. Truxton Spangler

played by Michael Cristofer on AMC’s Rubicon

This is a man who manipulates the terrible disasters he’s tasked with preventing all in an effort to essentially make a shit load of money and umm.. control the world. Train collisions, terrorist bombings, Spangler was game for anything as long as the casualties are high. It wasn’t until Rubicon’s final few episodes that we knew exactly what kind of man Truxton Spangler was, when the series started he was the cereal slurping boss and over the course of 13 episodes he transformed into someone truly terrifying, a power crazy suit for whom human life lost all meaning.

5. Katherine Pierce

played by Nina Dobrev on CW’s The Vampire Diaries

I love The Vampire Diaries, I do not love Elena Gilbert. I find her whiny, mopey and hell bent or martyrdom. It’s says something truly special about actress Nina Dobrev if I feel the complete opposite while watching her as Katherine. Katherine Pierce is just as deadly with a word as she is with a fist, the way she destroyed Damon earlier this season was brutal, and looking like Elena makes it easy to toy with the uber-sensitive Salvatore brothers. Did I forget to mention she was behind the transformation of not one but two regular characters into monsters; she murdered Caroline with Vamp blood in her body turning her into a vampire and sent mind-controlled teens after Tyler to enable his werewolf curse. The thing that makes her the most dangerous is how in love with Stephan she still is.

4. Joe and Marilyn Tobin

played by Campbell Scott and Lily Tomlin on FX’s Damages

A mother and son team more sickening than Lucille and Buster at Motherboy. Damages season three was a pleasure to watch and evan  had the story been weak, watching Joe Tobin’s transformation from a man who is striving to do that right thing, even coming forward to help Patty in the beginning, to a man who would coerce his mentally unstable sister into murdering his old girlfriend, and commission the murder of his own half-sister to keep his family and their money safe. Except it wasn’t his half sister, he was tricked by his mother Marilyn into killing his daughter – he just thought it was his step sister. And let’s not forget he murdered Tom Shays! And Marilyn – well she tricked her son into murdering his daughter – that bitch will rot in hell.

3. Paul Young

played by Mark Moses on ABC’s Desperate Housewives

No motive is scarier than vengeance, it fuels hate and it can’t be bought all of which make Paul Young’s return to Wisteria Lane more menacing. Behind bars since being set up for the murder of Felicia Tilman, Young cultivated a strong hatred the supposed friends that let him rot, that stood as far from his side as possible when he was being persecuted, the families of Wisteria Lane. In the last few episodes Paul’s plan was revealed, to turn a home into a halfway house and fill the lane with criminals. People may think Paul is awfully high considering all the murder above him (he hasnt killed somone since the first season which is 12 years ago in DH years) but what scares me is how realistic it is, his plan could work. He’s already succeeded in getting the neighbor to turn on each other, started a riot – AND his wife, Beth – Mrs. Tilman’s daughter (Emily Bergl) sent by her to bring him down – was once deceitful spy is now right in the palm of his hand, the perfect wife. The absolute scariest thing about this sociopath is how much sheer glee he gets from his evil doings. The winter cliff hanger has Paul lying on the lane in a pool of his blood after someone tried to kill him, leaving the question: Who Shot Paul Young?

2. ATF Agent June Stahl

played by Ally Walker on FX’s Sons of Anarchy

A survivalist to her core, and a thorn in the side of SAMCRO since the 6th episode of the first season. For three years she tortured our boys in leather and in the past set in motion events that directly lead to the deaths of Donna Winston and Half Sack, and in season 2’s unfulfilling finale, she killed Edmond, framed Gemma for his death and indirectly got Jax’s son kidnapped. But season three brought her villainy to all new levels. She started the season by making a deal with Jax, turning him into a rat in exchange for charges dropped on the club and Gemma, and in the course of keeping her deal with Jax, she framed and murdered her colleague/lover; Agent Tyler. And after the deal was done she could have walked away, but NO! She had to tell the Club that Jax had turned rat knowing very well the punishment for that is death. In the end Stahl got what she spent the last three seasons earning; she had her head blown to shit by Opie and a machine gun “this is what she felt”. Stahl’s death was a long time coming, she NEEDED to die,  but mark my words: Charming will never find as formidable a foe as Agent June Stahl, RIP.

1. Titus Welliver’s Trio of Villainy: The Man in Black, Jimmy O and Glenn Childs

played by Titus Welliver on ABC’s Lost (shared role with Terry O’Quinn), FX’s Sons of Anarchy and CBS’ The Good Wife








I know this may be unfair but the facts remain; Titus Welliver gave a trio of great and lasting antagonistic performances. All three villains attacked in very different ways; The Man in Black was the pure incarnate of evil, but even prior to him being a mystical smoke monster, we saw a Welliver as a petty man driven by jealousy to matricide. And when the role was handed over to Terry O’Quinn, it took new flight – O’Quinn’s MIB was disarming and bone chillingly lethal, O’Quinn was amazing, but it always felt to me like he was Welliver in an O’Quinn mask, which is a compliment to both. Jimmy O was not the thorn in SAMCRO’s side that Stahl was, don’t let that distract you, Jimmy O is one ruthless sonofabitch. It takes a really sick individual to murder Abel’s adoptive parents and kidnap him to use him as leverage, which is almost as awful as ordering the assassination on his wife and step daughter – both of which Jimmy O is guilty of this season. The SOA finale provided a heaping of catharsis in Stahl’s death, but also in watching Chibs – Jimmy O’s Arch Nemesis – gave Jimmy the same Glasgow Smile Jimmy once gave him, before promptly stabbing him to death. In the MIB, Welliver got to be a mystical evil force, in SOA he was a thug and a gangster and in Glenn Childs, Welliver gets to play devil in a suit. Glenn Childs is the man responsible for bringing down Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) and taking his job, and in 2010; like a chess master he masterfully moved played people like to his gain. He hired Carey Agos (Matt Czuchry) fresh off his firing in favour of Alicia (Julianna Margulis), just to screw with Alicia and Lockhart/Gardner, and on top of that he’s the Cook County State Attorney! Talk about untouchable, he has infinite lackeys to take the fall should his name get dragged in the dirt. Currently he’s in a three way battle for his own job against Peter Florrick and Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose) and having seen what he’s already capable of I’m sure his hands are going to get much, much dirtier.

So that’s it. That top villains of the year, they sure made/continue to make things interesting. I hope Gus Frings makes next years list, he was so great this season but not a villain quite yet. I also hope Boyd Crowder climbs the list, Goggins is a great talent and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I know having the Welliver trio is sort of a cop out – but the fact remains his 2010 efforts needed to be honoured. Any snubs you find too evil to be missed? Who were your top baddies of 2010?


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