P: You ready for a doubleteam recap?

J: I’m ready!

P: I have to tell you, this final outcome is the only outcome that would have made me happy with this season.

J: I still can’t believe that Chase managed to get 4 votes. It’s a real testament to what kind of edit he got, he seemed like such an unlikable moron.

P: agreed. Fabio did an interview with EW saying 2 votes Chase got may have been b/c people didn’t think he’d get any votes.

J: Didn’t read it yet! But I can believe that

P: — well either way, I didn’t think it was bright of him to tell all of his alliances of other alliances’ strategies. Chase was not a good player. But either was Marty. I was extremely disappointed in his question.

J: Marty is not nearly as smart as he believes he is. What was his question again?

P: Who is the dumbest player?… and you cant name me! It was soooo dumb and Chase played it well…

J: right… what an ass. He just felt rejected and angry

P: it was the Jean Paul syndrome

the ego was ridiculous — check out his videos from ponderosa. he was so full of it

J: Where can I watch them, CBS wont let me : (

P: Youtube.

J: Sweet… I’m a little surprised Dan wasn’t brought to the final…even more surprised he had such a mouth at the final…

P: I’m not. People kept him around cuz he’ probably likable and hilarious

maybe he was better liked than we saw in editing. Holly was definitely the right choice. I believe she would have taken it

J: Absolutely, no one ever would have stood a chance

P: She was probably the greatest transformation from the early stages. I thought she was a total nutjob.

J: She was… she was primed to be possibly the craziest player this season but JJ helped guide her towards sanity… and then when the tribes mixed her survival instinct kicked in and she nailed it.

P: He really was a force. I had a vision that there would be a JJ/Fabio alliance

J: That would have been sweet

P: he was fantastic from day 1. lets talk NaOnka for a sec

J: Sure.

P: Editing can only do so much damage she is clearly the worst person ever it was painful for me to watch many moments in this season.

J: She was in some occasions the only interesting person, but yeah it was hard to watch she did a lot of personal damage I imagine but refused to let it show last night.

P: and HER, Jimmy T, Dan, Purple Kelly, and some others made this the most poorly cast season in my opinion.

J: Even Sash Chase and Benry were majorly unlikableThis season had exactly 2 likable people, one won and the the other won the sprint award (Jane!!!!)

P: …and JJ who was equally fantastic

J: B ut I never got a real feel for him actually playing the game he was just sorta there, like Tim Gunn…not a competitor more like a mentor.

P: I liked Kelly Bruno a lot too, I had a dream team in my head for merge and these tribes of idiots ruined it

J: Yes the unlikable really did rule this game, I hope they’ve learned casting lessons.

P: I think they did — as well as the crappiness of old v. young (the old never had a chance) and the medallion of lame. What are your thoughts on redemption island?

J: sounds a little like Pearl Islands’ worst twist ever… but Probst seems to think its brilliant

P: It has potential… honestly it would have saved certain seasons for me think back to paradise hotel — when toni and beau returned and everyone freaked

J: haha i’m not gonna pretend i know what paradise hotel is


J: I think because its established early on that ppl are returning it kinda saves us from an outcasts tribe situation.

P: best.realityshow.EVER.

J: okay… i will… is it really?


J: Fine you got me, I’m in. Lets talk about Judson Fabio Birza.

P: ummm…he’s fantastic. To me he seemed like the only person who understood everyone   else was crazy

J: Agreed, and he’s definitely the most deserving winner in a few years. I almost imagined Fabio stepping up and taking off a mask and being like: I’m Jud, Fabio was a character to make you all think I was stupid and underestimate me

P: …and making insane decisions. like keeping NaOnka after she stole food..

J: …well alina took the fall for that

P: 100% the most deserving. I cant remember someone this deserving since Todd in China

J: which is the last season I watched before Samoa with Natalie White, simply the most undeserving winner ever.

P: Agreed. Even JT — he stole it from the more deserving Stephen Fischbach.

J: I loved Sandra Diaz Twine in Heroes v. Villains but even I know she was third in deserving the win – Parv did.

P: There are no complaints from me this season. There was no question for me — I knew if Fabio didn’t win this would have been the WORST season ever, EVER for me, this is the one redeeming factor, and I’m thrilled they are fixing the quitter jury glitch that was a huge upset for me this season… having to watch them ask a jury question

J: It was disgusting, it makes me want to vomit. I hate them so much. Speaking about Fabio’s win  – I literally jumped and screamed with joy at each immunity win – especially the fsword/coin balance – that looked super hard and it looked like Sash was gonna win


J: But our boy pulled it off!!!

P: OMG he was so fantastic, It’s how I felt with Erik Reichenbach in fans v faves and then he went all dumbass, but not our Fabio. He was on fire. Really truly, he’s up there with Todd Herzog in my all time list of fave players, not just winners.

J: I still can’t believe NaOnka handed him a winning question getting him to cry and talk about his family… Brenda, Alina, Me, Marty and Holly all got a little teary.

P: very well played Mr. Fabs.

One quick thing — I thought it was highly inappropriate of Probst to let Fabio run the tribal for the final 4, he got an unfair advantage as Jeff asked leading questions about Sash

J: Well I think on some level he subconsciously had to swing things a certain way or else this season would have been a total bust.

P: I think Fabs had it in the bag anyways. What did you think of Shannon at the reunion? Jeff clearly hates him..

J: Well Jeff gave him a chance to backtrack his statement and he was still like: No – He ACTS gay so I don’t regret calling him gay. Jeff gave him a chance but he shat on it… idiot.

P: Worst cast season EVER, Nicaragua, the tribe has spoken, your torch is out!

J: Hopefully Redemption gives us a cast we can love.

P: I can’t wait till February where the execs hopefully learned their lesson agreed did you hear the rumor about Russell and Boston Rob being rival tribe leaders?


P: Its a rumor that’s spreading like wildfire – I hope is true.

J: Needs to be true!

P: We’ll see ; )



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