TV Graveyard: Stargate Universe disappears into a black hole

Syfy decided to cancel Stargate: Universe ending the 14 year franchise that began in 1997 with Stargate SG1. Stargate Universe starred Robert Carlyle (The bad guy from the Bond movie with Denise Richards) and Ming-Na (Deb/Jing-Mei Chen on ER). It will end after the second half of the second season in 2011.

Not many people are going to be sad about that, it’s ratings were consistently terrible.

But that ain’t all…

TV Graveyard: Running Wilde runs out of steam

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one; FOX has decided to formally cancel Running Wilde.

This comes after the news that Fox didn’t pick up the back nine and also that the remaining episodes are going to be shelved, only to be seen on DVD.

I tried to like this series really hard; but there wasn’t really much to love. Will Arnett and David Cross seemed suffocated by the material. The narration by Puddle (Stephania Owen) was useless and was a perfect example of clunky exposition.

I actually liked Keri Russell’s wacky Emmy, I hope its not her last foray in comedy. Peter Serafinowicz was also particularly hilarious, here’s hoping he finds another project worth his talent.



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