SNL Preview! Attack of the Pauls!

Hey everyone! Paul Rudd hosts the second to last SNL of 2010 (and promotes his flick How Do You Know) with musical guest/legend/person who once hugged me (NOT LYING!) Paul McCartney.

It’s McCartney’s third time as musical guest, he played the stage for the first time 30 years ago.

It’s Rudd’s second, he hosted for the first time two years ago and that episode gave us the now classic Beyonce/Justin/Paul Rudd Single Ladies sketch (Moynihan totally killed it too) and his prior hosting gig was also Abby Elliott’s first episode with the series.

Click over to SNL Promos: Paul Rudd. to watch the promos I can’t embed. I DID however embed Rudd’s trailer which looks lame but could be good, James L Brooks trailers tend to be like that.

and some Macca SNL classics..

and his SNL rehearsal from his last guesting gig in 93..

As long as they dont bust out the “4 dudes in a bar telling stories during verses” I’ll be happy!



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