What’s On:Tuesday

Glee “A Very Glee Christmas” 8:00 on Fox

Glee does Christmas. I have a feeling this was a network push to release a x-mas album. Two of the main characters are Jewish and there isn’t a hannukkah song on the album or episode list which is suspect seeing as RyMurph and Co. are usually good at including the semites. Here’s gay BFs maybe future couple Kurt and Blaine singing It’s Cold Outside.

Raising Hope “Toy Story” 9:00 on Fox

I love how even the most tired sitcom troped seem fresh in the hands of Martha Plimpton and Garrett Dillahunt. Tonight, like every x-mas Burt makes a killing selling the hottest toy at the highest price – which was essentially the plot for the Schwartzenegger/Sinbad classic Jingle All the Way – I’m sure this 22 minute episode will be better. Can’t find a promo for tonight, so here’s a pretty good fall one.

Eureka “O Little Town” 10:00 on Syfy

Eureka comes back tonight after nearly three months off the air with a special holiday themed episode guest starring Leo Spaceman himself Chris Parnell.

yeah I know… Tuesday ain’t no Thursday, anyway here’s the rest:

In Treatment 9:00 & 9:30 HBO – Tonight brings the last two episodes of the season. Jesse and Adele. Adele was easily the best thing on the show this season, there was always so much baggage between Paul and Gina, Adele was an interesting new challenge for him. Not my favorite season thus far… maybe it’s because it’s the first not to be directly based on the Israeli source material (it only had two seasons in Israel as B’Tipul which literally means In Treatment).

Tower Prep 9:00 CN – Tonight Ian and the gang go on a field trip to the woods surrounding Tower Prep and learn about the mysterious Redfang. Now that Terriers was cancelled this is my new winter catch up series.

Running Wilde 9:30 Fox – Not enough HA-HA’s killed this cute sitcom which boasted killer perfs from Keri Russell and Peter Serafinowicz. Serafinowicz totally deserves better, he’s only recently made it across the pond, but in England he’s a season comedy vet. Here are a few of my faves..

Season Finale Alert!

Warehouse 13 9:00 Syfy – Warehouse 13 ends it’s second season tonight, with a Christmas themed finale that is saved for 3 months. Season three stars next summer.



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