Hired & Sorta Re-Hired

Deadline reports that Rachel Nichols (above right) who starts a guest stint next week on Criminal Minds as FBI Cadet Ashley Seaver – has been upgraded to a series regular. This is by no means Nichols’ (GI Joe Rise of Cobra) first foray into a regular TV gig. She was truly awesome on The Inside, a short lived Fox series, and she was the main lady of action on Jennifer Garner’s very pregnant 5th season of Alias. This is a smart move on CM’s part. I broke up with the series earlier this year because… well it’s stale as hell but also because they fired AJ Cook and reduced Paget Brewster to a third of the episodes this season which would be her last. Well that’s also been rectified too – the “sorta re-hired” refers to Paget Brewster (above left) who’s been returned to full regular status.

These are both smart moves on CM’s side. Nichols is pretty fresh faced and plays the new kid really well; and in my opinion asides from Thomas Gibson, Brewster MAKES Minds. Hmmm… maybe I’ll have to check in…


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